Monday, June 25, 2012


As my physiotherapist said last week "You post-surgery ladies want to do everything much too soon".
Yes, we do, and sometimes we pay the price.  I have been guilty of Doing Too Much, and Not Looking After Myself.  And have fallen in a bit of a heap. 
More early nights and less of what Mum used to call Gadding About seem to be required.

This pair of candlesticks were bought by my parents in Spain in 1975,
They had just built a Spanish style home and were having a ball buying themed souvenirs.
I made this extremely amateurish pastel sketch of the house for them
at some stage:

The dear things kept it all these years!

My mother's old china cabinet has now arrived at our house. 
She promised it to me all my life.

In the spirit of synchronicity which I love, as we clean out the Spanish house,
and I am in preparation for the Art of the Prado Exhibition coming soon to our State Gallery,
the Martin Sheen/Emilio Estevez movie The Way has been showing locally.

For purposes of research, Mr Cardinal and I flew off to see it.
Filmed in northern Spain, the story is based around, and honours, the
Camino de Santiago, a popular 800 km pilgrimage from the Pyrenees to Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.  Legend has it that the remains of the Apostle James are buried here.

I loved watching the austere Spanish countryside and sweet towns along the way, and the Cathedral is breathtaking.
In fact I was intrigued by the whole movie.

And as if there was not enough stuff moving into the nest,
the other day I found this little yellow cutie at Paddo Antique Centre.
Lunched at The Hamptons, and popped into the Happiness Place.
As you do.

The weather round here is absolutely miserable,
but have a Happy Week anyway!


  1. Dear Patricia, I can totally understand your impatience, but YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! (Shouting all the way from UK). You will be able to do so much in time if you take it steady now.

    I love your picture so much, and I would've kept it forever too - what a sweet memory of the house.

    I must see that movie - our house in France is on one of the many, many branches of La Compostelle, and I have walked some stretches. It is easy to imagine pilgrims making their way to St James's, and the holiday atmosphere there must once have been on the route. One day I'd love to do a few miles of the Spanish part. xxx

    1. Thank you sweet Mrs E, shouting duly noted and I have just phoned and postponed my return to tour guiding for a couple more weeks.
      I googled the Charente and now I know where it lies in regard to the pilgrim route. I must say viewing the movie I wanted to walk some of it too!

  2. I agree with everything Mrs.Exeter said about placing your health priority 1 right now.
    Yet I understand your haste well.
    If it´s any comfort for you, our weather is bad over here too. Rain, rain and more rain. I´m still wearing my thick tights under my jeans.

    1. Thank you Mette - I am behaving much better now! Less haste and less speed for me.
      Wow, thick tights under jeans, and it is heading into Summer over there!
      And here, jeans (no tights) in winter, but too hot for them in summer when I do cool linen pants, usually white.

  3. Here's another voice saying "Take care of yourself and do a bit of Nothing". I know it's hard. I am doing it myself today and all I've got is bruised ligaments & Knee cartilage. So frustrating.
    Re The Way. I know two people that have done that walk, it sounds intriguing. You've made me want to see the movie as well!
    Best wishes ..

    1. Hi Valerie, Thankyou, you are right, a bit of nothing is difficult whatever the reason. I do have a hyper brain and have to wind myself down to sleep at night. So many ideas, too little time!!
      The daughter of friends also did the walk and by all accounts it was a wonderful experience. You must see the movie too!

  4. Hello, Patricia ! That china cabinet is amazing and I absolutely adore your daffodil vase ; I couldn't have resisted either ! Take care of yourself and be careful !xoxo

    1. Bonsoir Bunny, Glad you find the cabinet interesting - it is a bit different from our other furniture, but I am having fun filling it up with the Royal Albert tonight. Eating blueberries and being careful! xxx

  5. When my husband had hip replacement earlier this year, he got in serious trouble with the physical therapist for doing too much too soon! But it's hard to sit still when you basically feel okay.

    1. Hi WendyB, welcome to my blog. I see you had a thing for Paul Macartney back in the day: me too!!

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