Tuesday, June 29, 2021



I know, it's been ages.

While I figure out where I have been, here for your enjoyment: a few images from the wonderful exhibition 'European Masters from the Metropolitan Museum, New York' - currently showing at QAGOMA, Brisbane.

Marie Denise Villers [France]  'Marie Josephine Charlotte du Val d'Ognes' 1801.

Georges de La Tour [France] 'The Fortune Teller' c. 1630

El Greco [Crete] 'The Adoration of the Shepherds' c.1605-10

There are 65 Masterpieces in the collection, which spans 500 years of European art from 1420 to 1916...

It seems I have had Writer's/Blogger's Block for ages...
Also not finding time for stitching and sewing, photography, painting...
Always tired, and my eyes are hurting.
Been going to the Optometrist countless times since March, while he says 'nothing is wrong'.  Except it is.  I am off to an Opthalmologist next week.

Velazquez and his studio [Spain] 'Don Gaspar de Guzmain' c.1636

Bartolome Esteban Murillo [Spain] 'Virgin and Child' c.1670s

Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun [France] 'Comtesse de la Chatre' 1789.

Interactive space: Take your photo at 'Monet's House'

Bought a pair of Pheasants at the Antique Centre...

We are in lockdown again.  The Delta strain is popping up all over.
I have been attempting to get vaccinated since March.
Seen my doctor each month, but because of my allergies and past history of problems with medications, and the fact the only vaccine available for my age group is Astra Zeneca, she keeps putting me off 'just wait for Pfizer'..

Last week she gave me a letter to the Health Dept. requesting they give me Pfizer as an exemption - but my application so far has been denied.

Carlo Crivelli {Italian} 'Madonna and Child' c. 1480

Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) [Italy] 'The Musicians' 1597

I can hardly believe we have this famous painting by Caravaggio temporarily located in our city.  There are books in my collection featuring this image....
and this one (below) which I first saw in a University text book many years ago:

Lucas Cranach the Elder [Germany] 'The Judgment of Paris' c.1529

Our twin grandsons were due to visit us next week with their family.
Alas, the borders are closed, and they are also in lock down, as is most of Australia.

We bought twin highchairs last week, in anticipation...

In other news, Young Aussie our eldest grandson has two pet geese in his menagerie.  They are enjoying life with his fluffy chickens and are delighted to swim in their dam.

The joys of music:
Last Sunday we attended a magnificent recital at the Concert Hall:
The internationally famous Piers Lane performed the complete cycle of Chopin Waltzes - and two beautiful Beethoven Sonatas as well.  

He is based in London, and was unable to come to Brisbane last year for his annual return to his hometown..
and was welcomed by a packed audience.

How times can change in an instant - now we are all locked down and again the theatres and galleries are closed while the authorities try to restrain the Covid19 virus.

Apologies to fellow bloggers who have left comments on my previous post.  You are so kind to go looking for me, and alas, I was not paying attention and only found them this week.  I have replied to you all, if you wish to peek back there.

Meanwhile, I vow to get out the new camera (have forgotten how to use it) and go take some photos around the district.

Let's have one more painting - from the best ever Exhibition:

Pierre-August Renoir [France] 'By the Seashore,' 1883

I love and appreciate you all.
Thank you for being there..