Thursday, November 24, 2016


The first snowfall, and a wind chill factor of -12c at our daughter's home in Canada.  That was yesterday...

But now, they are winging their way across the world to join us for a few weeks.
Of course, my favourite cross-stitch is up on the wall for the Christmas season.

Mr Red Cardinal and I have been mighty busy these past few weeks.
I found these cute stacking chairs for little people at our local Cheap Shoppe - only $7 each...

Star Wars plastic tablecloth - seems essential..

Years ago I bought this tin tray at a Thrift Shop for 50 cents.
I still love it.  Old Christmas pictures have a charm which seems missing in much of today's festive decor.
Nativity scenes and angels are increasingly hard to find, and even Santa Claus is becoming rare.

I searched everywhere for an Advent Calendar for the children, including online.  The only ones I found in Australia are completely secular, with themes from movies and popular culture.  Surely the whole point of an Advent Calendar is the lead up to the Christmas feast of the Nativity of Christ?

I made some Goodie bags for arrival, including Summer pyjamas ...
It was 38c hereabouts today, a November record for heat.
The little Canadians are really going to notice that!

Little Aussie will be here too, to welcome them to Australia.
It has been many years since the whole family has gathered together in one place.

I am so thankful to be able to celebrate with them, including my birthday next week, a 'significant' milestone...

I've been working on a pure linen, pink and white floral birthday dress, using a Butterick nostalgic reprint of an early 1960s style...

Our agapanthus garden had to be cut down, in the interests of child safety.

This garden now looks like a field of stubble.
But it will grow back again next year... 
and we have to be mindful of the brown snakes which can lurk in there.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.
Enjoy your festivities, and those delicious pumpkin pies.
I join you in gratitude for my beautiful family.

Stay well, and be cool.


Monday, November 14, 2016


A Super Moon is shining brightly tonight...

It must be a spectacular sight for people flying in a clear sky.
Can you see it at your place?

In other sky news, we have had a series of Summer Storms.
Dark clouds roll in during the afternoon....

The winds start to blow, and the thunder and lightning flash and boom.
Usually, there are power blackouts in various areas.

It has been dry for months;
 the grass and garden will be happy with the extra watering.

A rare King Parrot visited our garden today.
They are shy birds, with beautiful brilliant red plumage..

Usually they travel in pairs.  Perhaps he will bring a mate tomorrow...

We have been watching 'Victoria', and loving it.
What a feisty young Queen she was.
Eventually she gave her name to an Era..

I would love to be watching 'The Crown', but we cannot get Netflix as we don't have highspeed internet.  Roll on National Broadband Network....

Have you watched either of these?  Enjoyed?

Poor New Zealand. 
 Another bad earthquake has hit the South Island.
We visited Christchurch in early 2011, shortly before the big quake which devastated much of that beautiful city.
The Cathedral (above) was largely ruined.

Thinking of you at this time, my friends across the Tasman Sea..

Christchurch had the most gorgeous hydrangeas - everywhere!

Stay safe, and have a good week.


Friday, November 11, 2016


Lest we Forget..

Remembering those who served and gave their lives in the cause of Peace..

My grandfather and his two brothers served here, in the Fields of Flanders..

As did two great-uncles of Mr C who did not return to Australia, remaining at rest forever in the Commonwealth War Graves.

May they rest in peace.

At my Ladies Choir rehearsal, we had two minutes silence, followed by our signature song, Shalom my Friend. 

 I found this version on uTube to share with you

I wish you all Peace in this uncertain world.


Monday, November 7, 2016


The intense heat of Summer has arrived in our city, a little early this year.

Our miniature yellow rose a week ago - alas, now it is struggling to live after a few days of mid 30C temperatures..

Melbourne Cup (the 'Race which stops the Nation') has been and gone for 2016 - we had a little champagne lunch with friends, and our yearly flutter on the horses.  
Sadly, no winnings at our nest.

Little Aussie has been for a visit, and we did some Christmas decorating:

All his own work - I let him choose the pieces himself, and he has a lovely whimsical way of putting it all together.

'Grannie, I love this' was music to my ears...

I like the way he placed the Three Wise Men and the shepherd...
Of course they would be looking at the Christ Child, not outwards as if in a photo!

Star Wars body wash - perfect for grandchildren


Life has been very busy around the Cardinal Nest.
A creaking branch was removed from our gum tree...

That was exciting....

New air conditioner, just in time for the first heat-wave...

Solar powered snake deterrents - we have planted six of these around the house.  Nobody knows if they work, but it's worth a try.
We have implemented a plan to reduce the vegetation in the garden, which can be quite a haven for wildlife, both desirable and undesirable...

I have ordered new bed-linens, a blow up bed, and a clothes dryer...

And the reason for all this activity?

In a few weeks, these little French-speaking rascals, our grandsons from Canada, will arrive for a Christmas holiday.
We are so excited.  The 'Little Bebe' has never been to Australia, and it is four years since our daughter has been here.

They are looking forward to swimming in our pool, instead of building snowmen at Christmas.

I've never been busier in my life - so much to think of, and our first family Christmas for many years - ten, I think.

My father's Estate is very time-consuming, and it will be many months before it is all finished.  Another rite of passage in life, I suppose.

Not blogging as much, but I'll get back to it in 2017.
Meantime, there is Christmas shopping to be attended to, the pantry to stock, and a lot of de-cluttering to do about the house.

Mr C took me to the Symphony Orchestra -
The Greig Piano Concerto, and Respighi 'Pines of Rome'  -
a delicious night of musical delights.

Also champagne and some chocolate...

Stay well, and Stay cool.