Wednesday, October 20, 2021




While I was not looking, Summer suddenly arrived:

up came our scarlet Hippeastrums, aka Amaryllis in some parts..

 the purple of the Jacarandas has spread across the city...

and the Agapanthus are flowering in the Red Cardinal garden.

The change of seasons also saw the Royal Family out and about.
Red is key this year:

I thought Camilla looked very smart at the opening of the Welsh Parliament.
I wish I knew her dressmaker - her clothes are beautifully tailored..

Catherine dazzled in red to give a keynote speech at Action on Addiction, one of her patronages.

A Ralph Lauren sweater was paired with a pleated skirt by Christopher Kane.
What a stunning combination...

How are you all?
I had a relatively common surgical operation, and am taking recuperation slowly, as suggested by my doctor..

Fatigue is the enemy...

Our State of Queensland has been blessedly, largely Covid free, since the Pandemic began.   This has been achieved by isolation, a management strategy which goes back into history.  I have read about methods to contain the spread of Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages, and really, it was much the same then.

However, because Covid has been 'somewhere else', and vaccine supplies sparse for much of this year, many of us have not completed vaccination.  
Now it is catch-up time, as our Government will open the borders just before Christmas, and basically we will 'learn to live with Covid'.

At the moment our state is 56% fully vaccinated.  I will have my second shot next week.  The experts are pushing towards 80% vaccination before Christmas which will be difficult given our large State, and relatively small and decentralised population.  Fingers crossed everybody can get to a vaccination centre and get the jab.

And maybe, just maybe, we will eventually be able to see our daughter and grandchildren in Canada once more.

They are into hiking these days, and are out exploring in the fresh Autumn air..

Take care and be safe