Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Just popping in to say that this evening it was announced by the International Olympic Committee:
Brisbane will host the Olympic Games in 2032!

Fireworks just over an hour ago at our Southbank Parklands...

What an honour for our beautiful sub-tropical city.
Brisbane will be proud indeed to host the Games.

Story Bridge, Brisbane River

No, we are not out there celebrating with the crowds.
It is the coldest night of the year tonight....

Expecting a 1 degree minimum on Thursday...

Which is cold for most of us, as central heating is unusual in Brisbane.
But we sure do love our electric blanket....

Keep warm


Friday, July 16, 2021



Suddenly, it is Iris time again..

I looked out the window and there was this beauty, looking up at me...

A mid-Winter check on the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect seems in order..

Shade plants are all growing well:

we have had quite a few Winter rainy days, which is unusual.

Many of our Winters see brown grass and plants all over..

We planted a new garden of Tree Ferns along the fence - so far, so good..

Lavender coming into flower..

Ye olde stalwart, Poinsettia always arrives around the Feast of Pentecost, and lasts until Christmas..

We are also caring for a dozen of our son's hanging basket plants.

This succulent hangs down like Rapunzel's hair!

We have an Australian native shrub near the front door -

it flowers most of the year.  Handy.

Yellow rose has bloomed again - Goody...

As always, we have my late father's Maidenhair Fern, which sits by a window of the living room:

It is the best, strongest fern ever.  I never change the soil or fertilize it..

It is just how he left it when he went into care in 2012..


Thank you all for your kind comments about my eye issues.

I had a lot of different tests at the Opthalmologist, and have very dry eyes.

It is possible I have turned allergic to the drops I was using, and the new drops cause unpleasant side effects.  

There have been blood tests to check for immune system disfunctions.

Meantime, I am learning a bit of eye care, doing some research, and see my doctor next week.

Getting older is not for the faint-hearted :)

Have a beautiful weekend


Wednesday, July 7, 2021



This is NAIDOC Week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee), an Australian observance from the first to second Sunday in July each year.

As NAIDOC Week celebrates history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, it seemed a good time for a return showing of my treasured  painting 'Bush Medicine' by Jeannie Petyarre, an Anmatyerre woman from the Utopia Region in Central Australia. 

Born c. 1950, Jeannie comes from a famous family of artists, including Kathleen, Violet, and Ada Bird Petyarre, and her aunt Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Jeannie was encouraged to paint her family's Dreaming stories and paints representations of traditional plants that her people collect for food and medicinal purposes.  In particular she represents Bush Yam and Bush Medicine leaves. She also depicts the Awelye ceremonies in which the women participate to pay homage to their ancestors.

Jeannie Petyarre is represented in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, State Galleries, and has exhibited around the world.

Jeannie Petyarre with one of her paintings.

We have had a lot of rain lately, and the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect is grateful.

The pink rose has flourished like never before...

Brisbane seems to have managed to dodge another Covid outbreak (fingers and toes crossed), while poor Sydney is having an awful time of it with the Delta variant.  So sad we cannot have a visit from our darling twins this week.

The beautiful exhibition from the New York Met (last post) continues to attract big crowds.  The Gift Shoppe is fantastic, and I bought this attractive green trinket box, as a special memento.

It fits in with my current whim, Chateau Chic, inspired by binge watching Escape to the Chateau during lockdowns...

Anybody else out there keen on Dick and Angel and their French Chateau?

My sister and I found this Art Nouveau settee at the Antique Centre - so cheap, it had to come home to fit in this lonely nook in our sitting room..
Eventually I will choose a fabric and have it recovered...

We are currently caring for an extra collection of plants - our local son and his wife are between houses, and his cactus garden has come to roost on our front deck.  It is moments like this I am glad we have a large house:

Mr. Prickle and Mrs. Prickle

We bought a little sundial on a recent drive in the country.
Mr Cardinal likes to say it is a bit fast...

The world's most famous 95 year old, H.M. the Queen is looking very happy to be out and about - here at Royal Ascot looking fresh and Spring-like...

A moment later and here she is smiling in Scotland, putting in a four-day week of engagements, accompanied by various family members...

And then home to put her feet up?  Not a bit of it.

Right on to a four day weekend at the Windsor Horse Show:

Having the best time....

Big smiles while she makes presentations...

The Queen's youngest granddaughter, Lady Louise Windsor, competed in carriage driving.  She has inherited Prince Philip's carriage and horses:

She has grown into such a pretty girl, now about 17...

Be good and stay safe