Friday, January 18, 2019



The hot Australian Summer continues another record-breaking January, each heatwave a little longer/hotter than the last..

My ageing body is not at all keen on this, and solutions have to be found..
how to exercise, do housework, garden, and find time to blog :)

I found this list on Facebook:

Most of these things are happening hereabouts these days..
Well, maybe not No. 12.  
But they would if they could.

We are planning to go to the Mall tomorrow, simply to escape 37C heat..

The only time to walk is just before Sundown.
I never tire of passing this waterhole - Moggill Creek, for the uninitiated...

Almost looks like a Monet..

So visually cooling and soothing.

The Garden of Neglect keeps trying to produce flowers, which last half a day.
I found these tiny blue flowers scattered on the front lawn when I went out to pick up the newspaper at 6.00am.
A little later they had disappeared, stricken by the heat.

Another cooling picture:  my father's painting of Mt. Lindsay in the McPherson Ranges, the cool rainforests he knew and loved...

Mr Cardinal took me for coffee at Rafter and Rose..

It is packed with greenery, bunnies, and off-beat charm...

In my Mall Meanderings, I found a phone case:

with embroidered regal golden bees.
Thank you Collette Hayman.

a doona cover with sweet cool climate wildlife..

and a new clock for our bedroom wall.
One so large I can actually read the time from my bed, without my glasses.
Just in case I get up early by mistake...

Stay cool...
And have a lovely weekend


Sunday, January 6, 2019

HELLO 2019!

Happy New year to you from tropical Brisbane, where the poinciana trees are casting their bright red canopy across the city...

Dear daughter in Canada once again sent me a Canadian wall calendar -
Miss January is a sweet bluebird, flitting about in the snow..

It is the twelfth day of Christmas, and I have finally finished putting all the festive decor back in the cupboard under the stairs..

 Christmas tree corner now has a mission to save an ailing maidenhair fern.  The fern has been outside in a shady spot but dying off in the heat faster than it can create new fronds.
This corner gets good light, and is also located beneath an air-conditioner.
We will see how that works out.  Keeping delicate ferns alive in the mid-30c. heat can be a challenge.

Christmas was lovely at the Red Cardinal nest.
Our two sons and their wives were here, as well as Little Aussie..

Overnight on Christmas Eve, our mock orange tree bust into fragrant blossom,
perfect for the day.

Our grand-puppy Harley loved her new pink squeaky pig..

I found this bright red festive table cloth for $6 at our local Cheap Shoppe - 
seemed wrong not to give it a home..

I made sugar stars for the pavlova -
by breaking open seven small bags of pretzels and picking out the star shapes.
Brush with egg white, dip in sugar, and bake for a little while.

Cute scarf also came from Canada..

I was spoilt by all..

We bought a new birdbath for the garden -
or a Christmas gift for the birds, if you consider it that way...

In that post-Christmas lull, where you don't remember what day it is or what you should be doing, we have been catching up on a few movies (Colette, Vice) doing some de-cluttering, and giving the garden much-needed attention.
I am having a few medical checks (ugh!), fingers crossed...

What are you doing these days?

I am enjoying Michelle Obama's book, another Christmas present..

We look forward to another overseas trip, later in the year.

Wishing you Good Health, Happiness, and Exciting Times in 2019.