Saturday, April 23, 2011


On this Easter Sunday, best wishes for a Happy Easter to all our family, friends and neighbours, and thanks for all your kindnesses received since our accident three weeks ago today.

I planted sweetpea seeds the day before the crash, and it seems fitting that at Easter, the time of New Life, these little shoots have emerged:

Looking forward to pretty sweetpea flowers in the Spring.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter holidays

As we spend this quiet Easter time at home, rejoicing in being together again after the longest separation of our married life, I have been thinking of Easter family holidays over the years.

When I was small, no matter how short of cash we were, my parents organised at least one trip to a beach location every year.
 Here we are enjoying camping at the beach at Ballina with family friends, long ago:

That is me with the large double hair bows, showing an early inclination towards extravagant accessories.

We camped in this little tent for years, until Mum refused to do it again after her fifth baby arrived.

When I was nine or ten we travelled to Central Qld, visiting cousins, camping in the tent along the way. 
 I remember being very excited by Ban Ban Springs, where we drank lovely fresh water as it bubbled up from underground. 
I wonder if the spring is still there, and accessible to curious children?

I hope you are enjoying your Easter holiday.

Easter cheer

The cheer squad is still with us:
Yesterday two of the Sewing Sisters came with books, DVDs, a Quilt Sewing project to keep me going,
and not one, but two delicious cakes.....

Apple Rhubarb or Orange Poppyseed?

Young Super Secretary Extraordinaire K arrived with these Easter goodies:

The generosity of people when you have been in a car accident is so wonderful, almost overwhelming.
To say we are extremely grateful is an understatement, but we really, really are :)

I always did like a tea party.
This is me, back in the day when the only guests I could muster were my little brother and a blue rabbit.
I look a bit fed up, truth to tell.
Our little table and chairs were blue, too. 
The grassy block beside our house was Verboten, and held a Fearsome Cow!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good medicine

The girls from sewing came yesterday, bringing tea and sympathy, much needed since the accident.
I am working on this quilt featuring Red Cardinals - of course!

V. brought me this beautiful Red Bird from Mildura as a cheer-up present.  It worked 10/10.
The girls made up the bed for the invalid, who will be home soon,
and rearranged the china and green glass in the hutch,

Later my friend M came, bringing this lace scarf glamour cheer up gift:

This is the first time I have survived a major traffic accident.
Every little gesture is so appreciated, and really lifts the spirits.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flowers and parents

My mother always loved flowers.  Here she is among the hydrangeas, many years ago.
Today I received these beautiful blooms from my colleagues at the Qld Art Gallery:
Talk about Spoilt!
Speaking of Ambulances, as I was yesterday, my Dad was an ambulance bearer (paramedic), around the same time Mum was posing among the hydrangeas.  This photo was taken in Central Queensland.
Dad left the ambulance when he contracted polio in 1950.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have been a patient in an ambulance twice before in my life. 
The first time was when I was very young, and we had a light old 1930s vintage car with a canvas roof. 
My father put me in the front passenger seat (no seatbelts then) and failed to close the door properly. 
He reversed out the driveway, turning onto the road, and the door flew open, I fell out onto the road, and the front wheel went over me. 
I can still remember the ride lying down in the old ambulance vehicle.

The second time was when I was 22, and riding my little Honda 50cc red motor cycle.
I was going to my piano lesson at the Dorrington home of my teacher, Alan Lane, father of the internationally renowned pianist Piers Lane. 
I was early, so went for a little joyride in the suburb, turned on loose gravel in an unfamiliar street, and went off the bike.  A few seconds later I remember a circle of feet around me, and a voice asking "Is she dead?"
Second ride in an ambulance...

Karen the Kleaner brought these cheerful flowers today.
After pink roses, I love yellow roses second best.
Have you purchased your Easter confectionary yet?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Women Can Do Anything

International Womens Day was celebrated last month. 
I made this cushion a few years ago, in my embroidery classes with the late Ruth Stonely, extraordinary Brisbane quilter and textile artist.
The sewing group we formed at Ruth's funeral still meets every month, four years later, supporting each other through good times and bad.
Meeting this Thursday at V's place - can't wait!