Sunday, February 9, 2020


It may sound strange to be excited by a flood, but there it is:
local flash flooding caused by a heavy storm, possibly aided by a high tide downtream in the Brisbane River...

After the months of the Summer of Horror, heatwaves and bushfires, we are thrilled to have this bounty from Mother Nature...

This is Moggill Creek, alongside of which is a popular local walking track...

Today's flood was so quick, the bus driver was caught unawares, and could not cross the flooded creek.
Passengers were soon out, standing on the bridge and taking photos..

And the locals were there as well, including the Red Cardinals, armed with cameras and big smiles.
We Aussies have been water-starved for a very long time....

Raindrops on roses..

Yes, the Red Cardinal garden is finally getting into flowering like Springtime - although Autumn is only a few weeks away..

For several months, we had not a bloom in sight during the Big Heat..

Our lawn has come back to bright green, so pretty..

More raindrops on roses..

We almost lost a tree fern in this garden, but it has grown a new frond.

The cheeky cockatoos still come looking for food, watching me at breakfast time...

New cushion, K mart, $8.00!!
It is time for a watery picture:

Rahel Ungwanaka, 1946- Arrernte/Luritja people NT. 'Waterbirds' 2002
Rahel Ungwanaka, another painter and potter from the Hermannsburg School in Central Australia (see previous post).  A founding member of the Hermannsburg Potters, her work is known for her quirky and irreverent painting style, and dramatic depictions of the Western MacDonnell landscape, as seen in this picture of the country associated with the work of the late indigenous artist Albert Namatjira {1902-1959}

Have a great week