Friday, June 8, 2012


Happily, I returned to rehearsals at my Ladies Choir today, after nearly 4 months absent.
It was great to be back amongst friends,
and on this crisp wintry morning to sing
John Rutter's version of All Things Bright and Beautiful.  Which they were!

I wore my new purple jeans.  Of course...

with black sweater, pink bag, and favourite new scarf.
As the lovely Mette, of Metscan, points out, we can wear the brights in Queensland,
(aka the Sunshine State).

With the cooler weather upon us, I figured all self-respecting snakes would be hibernating under a log in the bush, and ventured into this jungle, a part of the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect rarely visited.

I found several bunches of red berries; very Christmassy

and lots of giant pink hibiscus. 
 Funny how such a tropical flower blooms in winter.

In other news, the Petite Garcon in Canada needs some summer PJs.
Even in the land of snow it apparently gets hot sometimes.
This Grannie has been to spotlight:

Hopefully a little pair of size 3 jamas will be winging their way across the Pacific in a few days.

Have a super weekend!


  1. You too ! Lovely post, wish we had hibiscus flowers here !

    1. Ah, but you have Paris! Beautiful in any season!

  2. Happy times for you returning to choir practice Patricia and little grandson will be overjoyed with his new pj's.

    1. Yes, getting back in voice will take a while but it was a happy day. The pj's are cut out already; should be a quick sewing task for the weekend! xx

  3. Hi there down under in Queensland.
    Happy weekend to you Patricia.
    How wonderful that you are now getting back on track again. Nice to read that you went to choir practice again.
    Happy sewing for your grandson..
    xxx val

    1. Hi Val over there in sunny Portugal! It is a 3-day weekend here for the Queen's birthday, so we are planning a short getaway - a little adventure for the Cardinals. Sewing underway..

  4. Wow, it looks very wintery over there, heh & lol!
    Thank you for the mention in your post : ). I see a matching color in your bag and new scarf!
    Feeling happy to read that you had fun at the choir practice.
    I never knew that you are a grandmother! So great having the chance to send something to your grandchild: ).

    1. yes, very wintery and we have to enjoy it here with the tropical hibiscus, ha ha! Yes, proud grandmother to two little boy cousins, the Petite Garcon and the Little Aussie! I will make the same PJs for Aussie, too.

  5. Brrr It is wintery here too in Sydney. there was ICE on my car yesterday morning. Lovely post. It must be so good to get out and sing again and I love your garden.

  6. Hi Valerie - glad you love our garden; it is large and a bit wild, with many different "rooms". We never quite get it all under control but have fun trying. Ice on the car is indeed COLD - we get it 2-3 times per year up in Qld.