Wednesday, May 25, 2016



I think it's time I took you on another trip to the GoMA...

Pinaree Sanpitak, Thailand, Womanly Bodies, 1998
Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak has been obsessed by the female form, ever since she gave birth to her only child.
'Womanly Bodies' [1998] is both monumental and extremely delicate in form.

The organically shaped tubes, slightly bigger than 'lifesize', evoke non-specific perceptions of the womanly body.

They are made from rattan and soo paper, sourced from the paper mulberry bush found in Northern Thailand.  Its beautiful natural colour and texture, in delicate fibres, is emphasised by lighting from within.
The effect is very dramatic and feminine.

Apart from the idea of the female form as a vessel, giving life, carrying you through life and ultimately to death, 
one can also sense a Western idea of femininity:  the paper looks to me like white lace or petticoats, a crinoline, or a lacy umbrella.  
It is quite translucent, which does not really show in photos.

When not on exhibition, the installation is kept in frozen storage to prevent deterioration of the delicate fibres from insect damage.
Currently on display at GoMA, Brisbane.

Due to my own neglect, and a long hot Summer wearing flimsy and non-supportive sandals and heels, my feet have decided to complain.
They are now banished into sturdy flat shoes and orthotics, for most of the day.
So what does a girl do?
Go out and buy a new, pearlised pair of Noats, that's what.

They look nice with this new jersey dress I conjured up (Simplicity 1168 for those who are interested.  It has a very nice two-piece sleeve).
And I can run around the vast art gallery very easily in my new Grannie shoes...

Last week I went with M to the Queensland Opera -
Madama Butterfly...

So beautiful, so poignant,
the music is wonderful....

We were reduced to tears by the tragic tale of doomed love...

Here is a 2008 recording of the exquisite love duet, with Renata Scotto and Placido Domingo.  I like this one even more than 'One Fine Day'...

I'm going to miss Michelle Obama, here stunning in cream,

and Kate wore cream to yesterday's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
But first, look at William's black silk top hat - I'd love to see my sons wearing something like that...
Kate's lovely outfit is a repeat from George's Christening;
and I still like it very much.
Wear a peplum while you still have a waist, I say...

Some kind readers have asked about my father:
he is continuing to decline, and it is sad to watch.
Sometimes the old Dad reappears - last week I showed him a picture of the Little Bebe of Canadian fame, now a most incorrigible three year old.
Dad gave me a beautiful big smile - it made my day.

Cherish the moment


Sunday, May 15, 2016


The snow bush is in bloom once more at the Red Cardinal nest...
which means that it is May, and Winter must be just around the corner.

Happy times - Little Aussie has been here for a few days.
A big boy, now goes to school, and likes to kick a ball...

Thank goodness he still likes Lego, which is something this Grannie can understand.

We watched the Lego Movie - and then did some scene recreations...

Of course, the Star Wars Lego is never far away..

Aussie went to the recent stage production of The Sound of Music in Brisbane..
and he loved it!
In a flash I had found my old piano scores of most of the songs.

We sang all weekend... The Lonely Goatherd, Favourite Things, Do Ray Me..
But his personal best is to sing to me
'My heart will be blessed, with the Sound of Music,
and I'll sing, once, more'.

Bless his sweet little heart.  

He arrived with a ukulele - and has started lessons!

It was quite the musical extravaganza this weekend...

although we did fit in some random cake decorating.

Have you seen the new Princess Charlotte chrysanthemum?
So Pretty.  I hope it turns up at our local plant nursery.

Sorry, couldn't resist this...

Have a great week


Sunday, May 8, 2016


Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate today.
Mr C spoilt me very well, with this beautiful card and some new PJs...

Surely the Winter weather will come eventually and I can wear them...

None of our children are in town, but everybody phoned in..

Later my guy took me to one of my favourite places - a Garden Centre...

for brunch.  Eggs Benedict, how I love you..a very special treat.

Their gift shop is always attractive..

Are there any starfish left in the sea?

Dear HB bought me a yellow mini rose. 
I love yellow roses...

I wore a new kimono jacket recently made.
For those interested in technical details, I used Simplicity pattern 1318, and a digital print polyester sourced in Sydney.  Total cost:  around $12.

Happy Mother's Day, and

Have a great week.


PS Loved it in Australia, and loved it again this week at the National Portrait Gallery: Kate's pink peplum dress...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I read a few books while I was lying about with the flu...
Diana Vreeland [1903-1989], fashion magazine editor extraordinaire, at both Harpers Bazaar and later Vogue.
Of course I enjoyed it - always love fashion history, the glamour, and the intrigue...

In 1971  Diana moved on to become a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Over the next 13 years she organised twelve exhibitions, to great acclaim.

The annual fundraising Met Gala was one of her pet projects, and her friendships with the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis made for glittering occasions.  The Gala serves as the opening celebration for the Institute's annual fashion exhibition.  The second half of the bio concentrates on Diana's term at the Costume Institute, raising its profile and status with her fabulous exhibitions and events.

Jackie attended the 1979 Met Gala in black Valentino...

When I began working as a Gallery Guide, one of my first assignments was with the amazing Valentino Retrospective which came to Brisbane in 2010.

I loved it so much - would finish one tour, grab a drink of water, walk back to the entrance and start the next one!
It was incredibly popular.....

and one of the dresses on show was Jackie's black gown from the Met Gala:

Yesterday the Met Gala was once again shining on Fifth Avenue, New York.  The 2016 theme is Fashion in the Age of Technology..

A galaxy of silver, black and white shimmered on the red carpet....

'Our' Nicole Kidman..,

Fashion as art...

Think of robots, machines....

and giant trains...

Loved this seafoam green, Lapita..

And the fairest of them all:

Claire Danes in fabulous fairytale white -

which glows in the dark!!


May the Fourth be with you...