Sunday, November 7, 2021


 We have had some noisy and heavy storms lately..
but then, October/November is storm season in Queensland.

This photo was taken after the rain, looking at the path of the storm as it headed towards the sea..

I was hoping for a rainbow, but alas, no.

It is a bumper year for the Jacarandas, with a fresh purple carpet every morning..

Seen on my walks, large trees in the parks.

Mr. Red Cardinal celebrated another birthday, and we enjoyed lunch with our Brisbane son and his wife, and their two beautiful dogs:

I am not sure which one this is, they are both very much alike, and so feminine..

Lorikeets and a King Parrot, after the rain...

The Red Cardinal back garden is flourishing too..

Not a lot has been happening, and we are wondering what will happen in Brisbane when the borders to other states open, probably quite soon.
 I did manage to have my second Covid19 Jab, thank goodness.

And I have been Christmas shopping -

Loved this herd of elephants in Target when I just happened to walk by the baby section..

And look at this beautiful swan - it is a toy basket!

On my walk today, an Australian bush turkey.

I was very interested in the Climate Conference in Glasgow, and wish Australia was doing more to save our planet and our home.
We still have vivid memories of the tragic fires of two Summers ago, and the great loss of habitat and wildlife.

I really liked this cobalt blue coat dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at the conference, elegant in simplicity and a beautiful colour for her.

How is the weather in your part of the world?
Have you done any Christmas shopping?

Be safe and be well