Monday, April 12, 2021



Farewell to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away last Friday at age 99.

It is a sad time for our Queen, losing her husband and partner of over 73 years.

What a clever little girl she was, when she set eyes on this handsome Greek Prince when aged only 13....and fell in love.

He was the perfect partner for a dedicated Princess and later Queen, and they formed a very special partnership of duty and service to the nation and the Commonwealth all these years.

The Engagement, 1947

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 'The Queen at Breakfast' 1965.  Royal Collection Trust.

Prince Philip was a talented, energetic and creative person, and made his mark in many ways, as well as supporting the Queen in her role.

He enjoyed painting, and I found the above sweet painting he did of the Queen reading the news over breakfast.   

Prince Philip in uniform, and a flirtatious smile from the Queen

Long lists are being published of Prince Philip's multiple skills and interests.

There were dozens: he was a real Renaissance Man.

He was occupied in science and technology, the environment, and youth. 

 He gained his Pilot's license in the 1950s and flew for many years. 

He was first President of the World Wild-life Fund.

And on, and on....

73rd Anniversary, November 2020

About 25 years ago we proudly accompanied one of our sons to a ceremony at Government House in Brisbane where he received his Duke of Edinburgh Award.  The Prince began the scheme in 1956 and it has spread around the world.

Teenage participants set goals for achievements in Volunteering, Physical activity, Practical and social skills, and go on an adventurous Expedition.

Our son thoroughly enjoyed the experiences, and the scheme will be a lasting legacy of the Duke.

I have been watching various commentators relating their anecdotes about meeting the prince.  I have certainly never met him, but have seen him a number of times.

As a very small girl, I was 'educated' by my school teacher mother about the Coronation of the new, pretty Queen.  Enthralled by stories of fairies and princesses, I was convinced I had 'long golden hair' and thought it most unfair of my Mum who kept telling me I had short, brown hair.  Which I did.

With her help, I made a scrapbook of pictures of the first Royal Tour of Australia, and during that tour the Queen and Duke visited Brisbane.

I was so impressed, I remember the day very well.  We travelled about an hour to the city, and stood in the crowds at Centenary Place, Fortitude Valley.  We had a good view of the royal procession and I remember the Queen wearing golden yellow with a tiny hat.  Perhaps it was this day:

As always, Prince Philip was there by the side of the Queen.  He visited Queensland at least ten more times, and I saw him up close on a number of these occasions, always interested and communicating with everyone.

 I feel so sad for our Queen, losing her devoted and dependable husband.

May he rest in Peace.

Saturday, April 3, 2021


Happy Easter!

It is the evening of Easter Sunday...
it has been a cold, wet and gloomy day, but our hearts are happy.

After morning Church and a visit from the Easter Chocolate bunny,
we had a perfect Zoom with our family:
In five different locations around the country and the world, we simultaneously saw all our children and grandchildren.
It was just lovely...

The little twins wore blue bunny ears - adorable says this smitten Grannie.

On Saturday we had a visit from our two pretty girl grandpuppies..

This one a young puppy,

and the other her older and wise cousin/sister:

They are beautiful dogs, well behaved, and fun.
They loved romping around on the fresh green grass, courtesy of a very wet Autumn..

Even the monarch likes a visit from family at Easter..
This pretty view is at Windsor, with Prince Charles and Her Majesty.

Sharp eyed bloggers might have noticed the Queen on her first public outing in months last week, honouring Australian servicemen at a memorial at Runnymede on the Thames.

Sporting a fabulous Easter bonnet, Her Majesty also showed off her Australian Wattle Brooch:


As some of you know, I have my own replica, bought on the Buckingham Palace tour in 2016.  Every now and then I get a chance to wear it -
although pandemic times have rather put at stop to that...

He is risen, indeed, Alleluia

Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Spain, 1617-1682.  'Resurrection'

Happy Easter to all


Thursday, April 1, 2021


Fra Angelica (Guido di Pietro), Italian, Vicchio di Mugella ca. 1395-1455 Rome.
'The Crucifixion'  1420-23 Tempera on wood, gold ground.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.