Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Hello from the Red Cardinal Nest...
Suddenly it is three weeks since I posted.
We have been busy in lock-down....

This morning we were greeted by a flock of about a dozen beautiful King Parrots.
They are a shy bird, very unlike the lorikeets which usually come.
Previous to this, we have only ever seen one pair at our bird feeders..

As so often happens with birds, the bright red one is the male, and the females are a dull green with a bit of pink.

They seemed hungry, but were suddenly frightened off by the arrival of a single cockatoo..

Since my last post we have been busy with the garden, and the lettuce and tomatoes are looking hopeful...

The snow peas, shallots and capsicum plants are also growing, and we hope for a little harvest one of these days.

Violas are easily grown once we have Autumn weather..

It was an unusual Mother's Day for us this year.
For the first time, there was no sighting of one of our children.
However, we had a fun Zoom meeting with them all, and a beautiful lunch from our local restaurant, the Wild Canary, arranged by our son.
We just had to drive by and pick it up, all boxed up with a red ribbon:

It was a beautiful feast, and enough to save for a meal on Monday..

Our daughter arranged delivery of a sweet African violet, with a Liberty handkerchief and luxe soap...

We were thoroughly spoiled...

Like most people, we have been doing a little more baking during this quiet time.

The result is we need to do a Lot of Walking.
We have tried several new places as restrictions ease and we can travel a little further.
A couple of long walks by the Brisbane River were nice..

Best of all was a drive to the sea, at Shorncliffe on Moreton Bay.
We walked along the cliff tops, and the fresh air was absolutely wonderful.

Looking down to the Shorncliffe Pier..

the beach at Sandgate..

There were quite a few families walking and having picnics, but there was plenty of space to maintain social distance.

Nobody goes near the picnic tables and bins supplied in the parks..

Now we all find a clear spot, and bring our own folding chairs and picnic basket. 
I felt very safe as we sat having our lunch in splendid 'isolation' looking over the bay...

A little late this year, our Snowbush has bloomed, heralding Winter just around the corner on 1st June.

It is nice to begin snuggling down in winter jumpers, boots and leggings, and wearing jeans again.

Time passes, and I have been busy doing some online staff training with the Art Gallery.  They are hoping to reopen some time soon, although no doubt it will be in a very different context.
We do not know when guided tours will be resumed and I will go back to work.

Be safe, keep baking and walking, and maintain the distance.