Tuesday, June 7, 2022



Winter has arrived, earlier and colder than usual this year.  

And I don't know where I've  been either!

Thank goodness for the wonder of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Did you watch any of the four days of festivities?

Her Majesty looked so happy, smiling at the crowds below...

We enjoyed watching the Trooping of the Colour, wonderful formation marching and music.

It was a feast of royal fashion - here are a few favourites.

Kate in delicate lemon, with the Best Hat..

Princess Anne representing her mother at the Races.....she keeps herself so slim and chic..

Anne's daughter Zara - my pick for hydrangea colours, and because Pink!

This was amazing - a hologram of the Queen projected into the golden coach from her Coronation day, and leading the street parade..

and he she is with Prince Philip on the actual day of her Coronation, 2 June, 1953.  She had acceded to the throne on the death of her father, King George VI on 6 February, 1952.

It takes time to organize a beautiful Coronation and I was a very little girl at the time.  However, I do remember it, and my mother and I made scrapbooks of the occasion.

And here she is, back on the balcony on the final evening of her Jubilee..

and still with that beautiful smile.

Flowers on Mothers Day

I have had RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) for several weeks, and am having trouble getting rid of it.   The virus is apparently all over Brisbane this year, and is common in small children.  I had never heard of it until recently.

To date, I have managed to avoid Covid 19 (although I realise it could get me at any time) by the simple expedient of wearing a mask in public and crowded places and never letting anyone get close enough to breath on me.  However, my darling grandchildren appear to have donated RSV to their Grannie.  It has been a bit frightening with a lot of lung congestion, and exhaustion from coughing.  I have been to a Respiratory Clinic, but there is no actual cure or a vaccine for RSV.

I seem to have turned the corner, and look forward to better days next week.

Tomorrow I hope to do some watercolour painting.

And sew a few stitches.

What are you doing?

Be good


Thursday, April 21, 2022


 Happy 96th Birthday to Her Majesty!

The Queen has had a life-long love of horses, and is pictured recently with her beloved Fell ponies..

How wonderful that she rode right up until late in 2021...

She was 94 in these pictures...
Quite amazing.

And here, as a little girl.
I thought it might be fun to look at some of her riding moments over her very long life...

As a young woman, wearing the headscarf which became her signature riding style...

With beloved consort, Prince Philip, who played polo but had to cease riding in his senior years.  He then became a very successful carriage driver.

In 1982, riding with US President Ronald Reagan at Windsor..

With daughter Princess Anne..

and granddaughter Princess Beatrice...

And here is the birthday girl in a beautiful photo released today.
Happy Birthday, Your Majesty.

Monday, April 18, 2022


 I hope you enjoyed a pleasant Easter season..

I made a pink bear years ago, during the Great Teddy-bear phase of the 90s..

Perhaps she will find another home with our new granddaughter - but not yet!

Yellow Easter lilies from Mr Red Cardinal:
and naturally, chocolate was consumed...

We had lovely visits to family.  
Family is key, especially in these troubled times.

I spent a few hours making a baby blanket.
The lace bunny was given to be over 12 years ago, when our first grandchild was expected.
Five boys later, at last I can applique a couple of pink bunnies to the pink blanket.

They came in a string, like this:

You cut them apart, pull a little gathering thread, and up pops a bunny:

The skirt is double, and I tucked a bit of toy wadding in there to make a soft round body.  Then I hand stitched the head to the body and onto the blanket.

I still have two more from the set, for another project.

Do you sew for grandchildren?  I'd love to know..

During the Easter school holidays, local children do interesting things.
This basket of Rosemary was left beside the path in the park where I walk.
What a lovely gesture... Free Home-grown Rosemary.

I enjoy the pastel colours of Easter, so naturally was drawn to the Cambridge girls in their Easter finery, walking to St George's chapel on Easter Sunday.

What a pretty shade of blue.
Charlotte is about to turn seven.  I notice she is still in the 'uniform' she has been given since a toddler: sweet floral prints with a smocked bodice and dainty collar.
I can't help but wonder when she will rebel, and demand something different for special occasions??

Kate's blue clutch = Perfection..


Poor Ukraine continues to suffer.  
The world is helping as much as it dares, but where will it end?
May goodness triumph over evil, in their time of need.

Be safe, take care