Saturday, November 10, 2018


And after the rain, came a heatwave.
Mid to high 30s C.
Not to my liking, but the Summer garden seems to like it.

Our one Hippeastrum lily flowered again, after taking a break in 2017.
Sadly, there was a white blemish on each flower - how strange...

The La Scala Ballet came to Brisbane.
Don Quixote was exhilarating!

The Nureyev version, as we saw years ago with the Australian Ballet -
great memories...

The sets were wonderful, we were right there in the Spanish village...

and Mr Cardinal had a birthday.
Here he is testing his new grill plate.

We had a small soiree for Australia famous 'Race which Stops a Nation', the Melbourne Cup.

Hats were worn..
Prizes were won...
Lunch was served...
with champagne, of course....
And I drew the Winner in the Sweepstakes: Twice!!

My red glass cardinal and little snowshoes from Canada...
The early Red Cardinal Christmas effort was duly noted.

Yes, The Tree is up.
Little Aussie came and offered help and advice.

In other news, the tardy Red Cardinal Jacaranda tree has finally begun to bloom.  Long after all the other trees in town.

I am giving it an A+ for effort with this big frond of gorgeous purple..

Eventually we will get a whole tree full of blooms.
But not yet.

 Peace bloomed, on just the right day.

Lest We Forget.


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Rain, Art, and fashion for a Duchess

And so it came to pass that it rained for eight days and eight nights..
bringing relief to our parched gardens.

The birds were astonished...

Some of them had rarely seen rain..

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are visiting Australia:

Last night she stepped out in the Best Ever Birdie Dress..
Tulle with laser cut seagulls, by Oscar de la Renta.

I liked this dress she wore last week too.
There should be more secret red linings in our frocks...

In a week of mostly neutrals, this stripe maxi dress stood out -
worn on a visit to Bondi Beach, Sydney.

And they came to Queensland as well, but alas not to Brisbane.
Here is another beach outfit on Fraser Island, where they spent 24 hours in peaceful luxury, before jetting off to Fiji.

Then the bright colours emerged, on their first formal night of the tour.
The elegant blue gown matches the colour of the Fijian flag.

On to the Kingdom of Tonga -
and a bright red number.  I think the Duchess looks gorgeous in red.

She wore Diana's aquamarine ring with a formal white gown.
What a special gift from her new husband.
Australia was chuffed when they chose to announce their impending parenthood right here on our shores.

The primary reason for their visit has been to attend the Invictus Games in Sydney.
The Games were launched by Prince Harry in 2014.
Back in Sydney, ahead of tonight's Closing Ceremony, they attended the wheelchair basketball finals.

Only four months ago we were in beautiful Vienna, so it was with great anticipation I went to see this movie:
'Klimt & Schiele: Eros and Psyche'.

This is a must for art lovers.
It delves into that magical period in Vienna, leading up to WW1, a golden age for art, literature and music.
 Klimt and Schiele changed the feeling of art through their new way of painting, addressing the restlessness, fears and desires of mankind.
The movie ties their stories in with the music of the greats, Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler,  who lived and worked here.
And the contemporaneous work of Freud, who is seen in archival film footage.

I loved 'walking through the streets' of the Vienna of the past, where we so recently stood.

The camera caressed the Klimt mural room..
it was just like being back there again.

Gustav Klimt 'Judith'
Gustav Klimt 'The Kiss'

Ah, Vienna, I really did love it so much.

Happy weekend everybody


Sunday, October 14, 2018


Did I enjoy the Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank?
You know I did...

It was charming, heart-warming, and beautifully organised.

Here's a run-down in case it was not broadcast in your neck of the woods:

Official Royal Wedding photo, Windsor Castle

The bride arrives..
in a gown of stunning simplicity, and startles us all by wearing
no veil.
And the reason was so interesting - she wanted to show her back, and the scar from eight-hour surgery for scoliosis when she was twelve.
The Princess is a keen supporter of the hospital and charities for this condition.

The Greville emerald tiara, on loan from her grandmother, the Queen, looked magnificent..
perfect for her, and the Autumnal themed decor..

So special to see the Duke of York help his daughter with her train..

The sewist in me loved the sculptural bustle and waterfall flounce at the back..

They look like a lovely couple, very much at ease together.

Most Royal weddings seem to take place during Spring.
It was beautiful to see the deep russet tones of Autumn this time.

How amazing were the steps of St. George's Chapel?

The Duchess of York in emerald green, Princess Beatrice in deep blue, and Mrs Brooksbank in Fall Floral.
Many of the guests wore Autumn hues...

The children were adorable, as always.
Can you spot Prince George, who seems to have become very confident, and Princess Charlotte, her own sweet self?

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal..

I don't know who these ladies are, but they are true to the seasonal spirit.

Kate, Sophie, Beatrice

It is widely reported that the Queen usually wears bright colours so that people can spot her in a crowd..
This time, the crowd were wearing the strong Autumn colours...

and Her Majesty wore an elegant and subtle pale blue and peach outfit.
In perfect contrast...

And for the evening party, another chic and stylish gown in rose gold by Zac Posen.

Harry and Meghan arrived in Sydney this morning for their two-week tour of Australia and the Pacific, and of course the Invictus Games.

I hope they had a chance for a good sleep on the 22 hour journey!