Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The Red Cardinals have naturally been to the theatre to see the local production of the Broadway hit Red.

Red is a study of an incident in the life of the artist Mark Rothko (1903-1970),
my favourite of the New York Abstract Expressionist Colourfield painters who emerged in the 1950s.

So of course I had a high old time, and loved every minute of it.

The scene where the two actors, as Rothko and his assistant,
speed-painted a huge red canvas right before us was brilliant.
Red paint flew everywhere, amid frenzied musical accompaniment.
After all that excitement I needed a herbal tea and a good lie down!

The next morning I re-named my new Mary Janes Rothko....

I wore this new dress, bought for travelling.  Just scrunches up into a ball and falls out ready to wear.  It passed the test.
I think I had a bit of a royal thing going on with all those crowns...

Last travel item, I promise, a yellow knit jacket.
When I assemble my mix and match capsule wardrobe, I will share ...

Yes, we've been out bush again with my Dad.
He loves his Sunday drives so much, particularly when it finishes with an icecream.  



Friday, April 26, 2013


I have just noticed my stats indicate I am about to reach 20,000 Pageviews.
It is just over two years since I went public with my blog, having no idea what would happen.
Now, I do receive my share of spam, just like the rest of you, and robots tend to visit, but I know there are many 'real people' too.
 I love knowing you pop in from time to time, and even leave comments when I am lucky!

The lorikeets say Chiiiirrrrpppp!
Which means all is well, and we like the Red Cardinals (who feed us!)

Today I was singing with my chorale, The Choir for Ladies of a Certain Age.
I'm still in love with Mille Cherubini in Coro, and there were no guns drawn for indifferent tone!

I thought this dress was very pretty ...

and this:

Kate looked lovely at the National Gallery, in pale blue,
 revealing a dainty bump.
Apparently Spring has finally emerged in the northern hemisphere! 

Last days on the throne for Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.
On 30th April, she will step down in favour of her son, Willem-Alexander, who will ascend the throne.

I wonder how she will like retirement, after 33 years as Queen?


Spring flowers in my daughter's Canadian garden.... Sooooon!

Have a perfectly happy weekend.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


These are the medals of my Grandfather, from the Great War of 1914-1918.
He was there on the battlefields of Flanders, tending to and carrying the wounded on a mule-driven wagon.
We are lucky he survived to tell the tale.

Today is Anzac Day - Lest We Forget

Little Aussie has been here this week.
When he is older I will tell him about his Great-great-grandfather.

He is growing like a weed, this little man.

Has a keen interest in Firemen ..

and Pirates ..

Photography ..

and Picnics.

Also Cafe Society and a BubbaCcino!

Today we hung out with Aussie's Uncle, the Rocket Scientist.

I liked this potted plant arrangement.

In the astonishing news department,
the Garden of Neglect has produced a host of chrysanthemums,
having survived the long hot summer from beneath the ground:

Just in time for Mothers Day.

Rosemary for Remembrance...

Adieu for now


Saturday, April 20, 2013


Autumn fog has begun to appear, clinging to the hills which surround us...

At last, morning temperatures are dropping, and I can feel a chill on my face when I venture out walking..

I love Autumn, always my favourite season:
brilliant blue skies during the day, early nightfall and cosy fires at night.

My last Aunt died the other day.
Once I had five aunts, and one by one they have slipped away.
Auntie E was 90, a long life, mother of six and grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother to so many that I lost count!

Google images
Auntie E was funny and feisty, she lived on a farm and had the strength and resilience of many a farmer's wife.
I remember visits as a child, to a house without electricity - kerosene lanterns at night, a big wood-burning stove, making fresh butter by hand from cream from their large herd of dairy cattle.
The only time I have ridden horses was on that farm.

They were a family with six children, and so were we.
The noise and energy resounded in that little farm-house.
I really don't know how we all fitted in, but I do remember an arrangement involving pillows at either end of a bed, and feet meeting in the middle!

I flew north to her funeral, and met my cousins again, some after many years.  It was fun; a happy sad time.

Aunties are a bit like your mother, but not quite the same.
They can know your secrets and not tell, and sometimes can be very perceptive because they are just one step removed.
Aunties sent parcels at Christmas, full of cheerful little gifts.

Auntie E lived in the tropics, in the area where my parents once lived, and where I was born.  My mother used to tell the story that when she had me, her firstborn, she knitted an entire baby outfit in fine wool, including dress, coat, bonnet, and booties, and a large shawl!  She proudly dressed me to come home from the hospital.  It was December, the hottest time of our year, and after a lengthy car trip, they called in to Auntie E, already a mother of three, to show me off.
E took one look, and saw one Very Distressed little baby.
Without a word she pulled off all my finery, and lowered my overheated temperature.  She may have saved my life!
My poor mother, she had grown up down south in a much colder climate and did not know not to over-dress her baby in the tropics.  Especially in wool.

'Bye, E, and rest in Peace.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Michelle is looking trim for Spring in a blue Michael Kors boucle sheath dress..

and I have been having lots of tea and coffee catch-ups with various girlfriends... all of whom are Absolute Treasures in my life.
You know who you are!!

My dear friend J, famous award-winning dessert chef extraordinaire,
invited me over for a personal High Tea for Two...

Look at the dainty morsels she whipped up:

Reader, it was beyond delicious!
J, you are a true star...

Yesterday I met lovely A for coffee, and we did over the local thrift stores:

Behold, $5 purchases to add to my little boy toy collection...

Expecting Little Aussie in the next few days.
You can't have too many exciting new things to play and do.

Hope you are enjoying time with friends too ...