Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Well, the Jubilee Celebration Long Weekend is over, and I enjoyed every minute.
Encrusted with sparkle, and two of the biggest diamonds on earth,
I thought the Queen looked radiant at the Jubilee Thanksgiving Service at St. Pauls.
The mint green colour was just beautiful on her.

Camilla looked fantastic too. 
She is more elegant and, dare I say, Queen-like, every year,
and appeared to be taking good care of Her Majesty during the celebrations.
Good Work!

Someone else has all the makings of a future Queen too ...
Another day, another stunning outfit on Kate.
Her hat was exquisite!
Have we ever seen Prince William in a top hat before?
Didn't think so ..  Stylish!

Now, I hate to lower the sartorial tone, but I bought these:

Yes, dear reader, I have fallen belatedly into the colour trend,
and just could not pass these purple jeans...

to wear with my green/purple flats...
and probably everything else I can get my hands on ..

I love a cheer-up card - my lovely friend S sent me this one.
It is from the Victoria and Albert Museum and features a 1963 photo of Jean Shrimpton for Tatler.
She was regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world way back then.

Found these paper napkins the other day.
With blue birds and a red cardinal, they won my heart in an instant.

Cold, isn't it? 
Mr C excelled himself last night and lit us a mid-week fire.
Wonder what tonight will bring?


  1. Unfortunately my Jubilee viewing was patchy but I did stay up till Very Late last night for the balcony scene and glad I did because it was wonderful. For thousands of people to walk down the mall, peacefully and in an orderly manner was a sight to behold.
    Those flats are gorgeous Patricia and I hope you enjoy wearing your new jeans. The serviettes are sweet and I really don't think I could use them!

    1. The balcony scene was def a fitting climax to the day, so sad the duke could not make it. Think I'll take the purple ones out for a turn around the suburbs today ... xx

  2. Fantastic photos Patricia,
    I watched as much as i could on sky. I have portuguese cable.. so i can get sky..then later i watched more on bbc prime.. I missed the beginning of the concert as sky reporters were talking to the people on the mall .. i was upset at tht.
    It was all a grand wonderful exciting affair and jubilee. i will never forget it.
    love your purple cobalt jeans
    and shoes to match.
    so glad that you are feeling better Patricia..
    best wishes
    val xxxxx

    1. I know what you mean about the reporters Val - I was here saying shut up and show us the royal action!
      Glad you like my jeans, and yes, I am feeling much brighter now. It just took a while (like over 10 weeks!).
      Wishing you a lovely weekend
      Patricia xxxx

  3. In your country, with the deep colors, the purple jeans and the perfectly matching flats are totally ok, but worn over here, they would turn heads ;).
    It has all to do with the surroundings and the light. Our light is the clear type.
    Perfect napkins for you - hopefully you bought more than one package of them!

    1. So true, Mette, the light here is very strong and we tend to wear lots of brights. I notice the difference when we are in colder climes - everyone dresses much more quietly!
      You know, I have been thinking I should go back and buy more of those napkins :)