Friday, December 29, 2017


Christmas Eve Mass-in-the-snow was wonderful..
the local children performed the most magical Nativity play..

and later, stockings were hung..

So pleased to see DD is still using the patchwork stockings I made years ago..

Christmas Day dawned with all the enchantment of glittering white snow

Dear daughter gave me a cute Canada tray and a book about The Crown.
As we do not have Netflix at home, I have been binge watching it since arrival, and loving it.  Soooo interesting, but of course I have my own ideas about the authenticity of some of the scenes.
I know, you have all seen it long since, but I have to say how wonderfully Claire Foy portrays the Queen..and to also say Princess Margaret was a very petite woman, and I find the idea of a tall, angular actress in the part completely unconvincing.  But there you go...

What do you think?

We had such a lovely day, I forgot to take many pictures.
Daughter's enormous turkey was succulent and superb, her family recipe plum pudding boiled in a traditional cloth was wonderful, and we have enjoyed it all so very much.

Two little boys have been building the Lego Simpsons house, complete in every, utensils, appliances - they are all in there...

And now, a few snow scenes from the countryside, for those who rarely see it:

Ottawa is having a record-breaking cold snap.
Last night -26c, the same as the North Pole, and for the moment, the coldest Capital City on earth.

With Frost Bite warnings..

Well, that is something we did not expect...

Undaunted, dear daughter drove us out into the countryside where I took these snaps.  Next time I will pack a balaclava...


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I hope you have all had a delightful Christmas...we certainly have..

At last we had the opportunity to see the little Canadian grandsons at their Christmas performances...

Loved hearing the old Carols in French - they were sooooo cute...

A couple of days in the city centre for Christmas shopping -
and a look at the light show on Parliament Hill for the 150 celebrations..

From our hotel window - 

and by day, looking down on the Rideau Canal where it flows into the Ottawa River

As is my custom, had my photo taken beneath Louise Bourgeois' sculpture 'Maman' outside the National Gallery of Canada.
In another post I will talk about my highlight picks from the Gallery.

Charity trees

Technical difficulties make it impossible to load any more pics in this post, so I will finish here and do another one about our beautiful Christmas Day..


Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Hello dear Readers
We are here in Canada, just outside Ottawa, with our
 daughter and her little family.

Blogging is difficult - a mix of the i\phone and daughter's laptop...

The snow is so beautiful and I love to go walking - despite very cold, -18c

Will try to upload a few pics of the neighbourhood.

Been to a sweet local Heritage Museum which served Hot Apple Cider and Christmas fare

A lovely piece of Victorian crazy patch

Gambolling grandsons

Frosty ferns on our bedroom window pane...

'Tis me, at the Christmas Tree farm..

and Mr Cardinal..they serve free hot chocolate for every customer

The boys loved this place...
and so did I