Sunday, June 3, 2012


When I was a teeny tiny girl, my parents won this life-size walking doll for me in a raffle.
It was the most thrilling moment of my tiny life!
Those were the days when, with encouragement from Mum, I was enthralled by fairytales, dolls, princesses, and of course, the young Queen Elizabeth.
When presented with the doll, I named her Elizabeth on the spot.
She has been through three wigs, and a few repairs, but is in remarkably good shape for one so old.  And yes, she does have rather fierce eyes, but I loved her just the same.
She is about a metre tall, which was about the same height as me at the time.
I could walk beside her, holding her stiff arm which enabled her legs to swing alternately and "walk".
Elizabeth has been allowed out to sit in state for the Jubilee celebrations this week...

Here is the Queen with her parents and younger sister Princess Margaret,
outside her playhouse, called Y Bwthyn Bach (the Small House).
It was presented to her by the Welsh people in 1932 when she was 5.

and this is the house, with her standing in the doorway.

In a lovely Jubilee gift, Princess Beatrice has been overseeing the restoration of the house,
which is situated in the grounds of Royal Lodge, Windsor, the home of Prince Andrew.

Today I was visiting my old family home, and had a look inside the piano.
I was checking for problems, but this is what I found:

Perfect timing, I say!

Day 1 of Jubilee Weekend,
doesn't the Queen look happy and excited at the Races! 

Got the TV programmed to record the Jubilee river pageant tonight ..



  1. What an amazing sight; a royal warrant. The piano must be beautifully made. I loved reading about your doll and I too recently watched a show explaining the restoration of Y Bwthyn Bach - what a dream it must have been to play inside that house. Hope you have fun watching the Jubliee festivities. I can't wait x

    1. Hi Fifi, yes, I was amazed to find the warrant - last thing I expected to see inside my late Mum's piano!
      I saw that show about y Bwthyn Bach too - wasn't it gorgeous? Yay for the Julibee!

  2. I'm a new reader of your Blog and was delighted to read about your beautiful doll....I have one very similar to your Elizabeth, it was a Birthday gift from my parents when I was a small girl. The ironic thing is that I too was infatuated by Queen Elizabeth and named my doll Betty (I couldn't name her Elizabeth because that is my name). Oh how I loved that doll, I still have her but she needs a few minor repairs, her arms need fixing and she is in need of a new wig (she still has her original blonde hair). After reading about your lovely Elizabeth I am motivated to have Betty restored, after all, she is over 60 years old and deserves a makeover don't you think?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, and welcome to my little blog! What a delight, to know you had much the same doll years ago, and also named for the Queen ... blogging is such a fun source of connections which you don't expect. I hope you have Betty restored = Elizabeth was in quite a poor state a few years ago when she had spent years with my children, and I took her to the local Doll Hospital. I loved the result :)