Monday, June 4, 2012


Canaletto (1697-1768) A Thames Pageant with St Paul's Cathedral in the Background, 1747
Wasn't the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant wonderful?
It must have been inspired by Canaletto's great painting of 1747..
The Royal Barge looked amazing - gilt, red velvet and red and white flowers:

The Queen, as always, looked just perfect for the occasion in her warm white sprinkled with diamond sparkle,
and she and Camilla, in elegant cream, stood out against the scarlet setting.

Which is just as it was intended on this Jubilee day.

Absolutely loved Kate's red outfit: beautiful hat and clutch, and the special touch of a warm scarf in the new Strathearn tartan, she and William being Duke and Duchess of Strathearn in Scotland and all.  I was astonished to hear media criticism of Kate's colour choice, on the basis that she was trying to outshine Her Majesty!  Come on, people, she was blending in with the setting.  And these things are arranged and approved months in advance. 

Looking lovely in gold at the Jubilee Concert ...

Fab Fireworks - can the Olympics top that?

To coin a phrase, my Computer Carked It yesterday, just in the Jubilee Moment!!
Back in business now, and running fast trying to catch up..

Now, what's on next?



  1. Hi, Patricia, thanks for commenting on my blog. My computer is driving me crazy too ; I noticed today that your blog had disappeared from my list and when I tried to put it back, I couldn't. Am I too old for that game ?!!
    Your roses are beautiful, that purple one is stunning !xxx

    1. Hi S.Bunny, glad you like our flowers. I love a good bloom and am inordinately fond of the roses. The new modem has not necessarily fixed the computer and I am expecting the Blue Screen of Death any time soon. Blog might disappear for a bit. Fingers crossed. xx

  2. I agree about the purple rose!
    You too seem to enjoy the festivities in UK. Nothing wrong with Kate´s red outfit. She is young. Only her calves are athletic, so a bit longer hemline would have done a favor, imo.
    I have enjoyed the pictures you bloggers have shown us; the British Royalties are a bit distant to us Scandinavians. We have " adopted the Swedish Royal Family as ours.
    I have an admiration for The Queen of Denmark, and like Princess Mary.

    1. Interesting you should notice the hemline - I did too, and then for the St Pauls cathedral service I see Kate wore a longer skirt covering the knees. It looks much better sitting down. They think of everything! The Swedish Royals look nice, especially Victoria, and well worth adopting, and of course we love Princess Mary, our very own Aussie Princess..