Wednesday, June 24, 2015


So let's start with this amazing drawing of a Lego guy, executed with deft talent and precision by our 5 year old Canadian grandson, H.
He is without a doubt destined for a fine career in the arts, and a very bright future.
Would a proud Grannie not be right?

In case you are wondering, I am still sewing from time to time.
This is the start of an experiment involving a pure wool tweed and some black faux leather.  I found the 'leather' much easier to work with, and sew, than I anticipated.  Thank goodness.
Far too many things end in the Land of Stuff-ups...

Front of winter dress taking shape.
The sleeves will be 3/4 length in the wool.
Better get on with it, Winter being so short and sweet hereabouts.

We have been away for a few days on family business at Harvey Bay, along the coast north of Brisbane.

Driving past the sugar cane fields, just on sundown.

Spent a peaceful morning wandering the beach at Urangan, while Mr C attended to the business at hand.

Needed some solitude, and contemplation time, following my annual mammogram and cancer check this week.
A shadow on a scan, 3mm in size, and a biopsy to be sure all is well.

Yes, all OK, I found out today.
The problem patch is part of the internal injuries I sustained in our car accident in 2011.  Nature is still trying to heal those injuries.

No Mr Bad Guy for 2015!!
Thank you Lord...

The last time I walked this beach I was a child...

Our family camped in a tent, among these trees by the shore.
Those old beachside camping grounds have largely disappeared along the Queensland coast.

Me and my Mum. 
I remember that little red polka-dot swimsuit, which she made just for me.

Have a sweet week.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Prince George, looking adorable at his first Balcony appearance after the Trooping of the Colour Parade - and in his father's little blue suit from the same occasion, 1984.

However, do not overlook this royal cutie..
Princess Estelle of Sweden, in her country's National Dress -
what's not to love?

The Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect has astonished itself, and produced one (1) mini daffodil, aka a jonquil.
Well done, Garden.

Meanwhile, this nasturtium plant is attempting to make an escape from the pot..
and looks like succeeding.  Which would be fine apart from the fact the pot is on a balcony 3 metres above the ground, and it will never find some soil to bed itself in..

Remembering the sweet little hummingbirds in Canada..
Our daughter gave me this hummingbird window whatsie -
the photo belies the fact it is quite tiny, in fact, the hummingbird is true to lifesize, scarcely the size of my thumb.

We have some exciting news:
Our older son has announced his engagement to his Irish Lass..

We can look forward to another adventure -
sometime in the next year or so, we will be going to Dublin!

It looks nice..

My initial research suggests I absolutely have to see the Book of Kells.

Remember that feisty British actress, Hayley Mills, who played Pollyanna way back in 1960 - and went on to star in many Disney movies?

I've been to see the play "Legends", starring Hayley and her big sister Juliet, now both all grown up..

It was fun.  They play ageing film stars and rivals, with fading careers, considering taking roles in an off-Broadway play.
It is no secret that Juliet was born in 1941 and Hayley in 1946..
They both look great, having kept themselves beautifully reed slim, the better to show off their wonderful, elegant costumes.
OK, the script was a bit naff, and while I love satire, slapstick is not my thing -
but they are still superb actresses and it was a pleasure to watch them work.  

Bought some new winter slippers -
because it is cold in the mornings...
It's all glamour round here.

Love a bird with attitude...

Have a great week


Monday, June 8, 2015


Happy Queens's Birthday holiday, fellow Australians.

We have twice celebrated for Her Majesty -

Three weeks ago, we were at the lake for the Victoria Day long weekend, 
Canada's version of the same holiday.

Today we went to the movies,
and saw Woman In Gold, starring Helen Mirren.
This is a true story about a Jewish woman, Maria Altmann, who sought to reclaim her family's possessions, seized by the Nazis in Vienna during World War II.  The famous painting by Gustav Klimt, 'The Lady in Gold' is a portrait of her aunt, Adele Bloch.  
Great Movie! 

Remember how Helen Mirren won an Oscar for The Queen?
We came home to the news that today she won the Tony Award on Broadway, for the same role: The Queen
Seems apt...

Loved this photo of little Princess Charlotte and big brother Prince George,
taken by Duchess Kate herself, no less.

I take a while to recover from a big trip...
still getting back into routine.
We took a lot of gifts and family heirlooms over to Canada, which left a lot of empty baggage space for coming home.
A few things found their way back to Australia -
like this little leather brooch, a trillium flower, the emblem of Ontario.

A couple of pretend decoy ducks, just to remember The Lake;

Grandmama gave me this moose cup,
 (because I am always looking for the wild-life);

Thrifted a nice denim jacket for $2.00;

and bought this pretty leather wallet at Stanley Park, Vancouver.
Designed by Lee Claremont, a Mohawk/Irish artist known for her use of colour.
A reminder of my lovely day out with Kristie of North of 49.

I bought a couple of special occasion pieces, which I will show in a future post.

The Garden of Neglect was just fine while we were away.
It obviously didn't notice any difference.
The little fairy flowers are still happily growing...

and the ferns enjoyed going outside and under a tree for a month.

The Geraldton Wax is now covered in blossom...

and judging by the dead heads, 
we have missed quite a show in the Rose Garden.

Winter arrived here while we were away.
Have an excellent week everyone!