Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Do you love a Dutch Old Master floral painting?
Me too...

which is why I succumbed to the siren call of these little beauties:

Then there was this:

and these:

A bit of self-medicating retail therapy has been happening, because, dear reader, we have had to cancel our forthcoming trip to Italy and Paris...

Sadly, my health has let me down, several difficult problems have arisen, and I need to have a spot of urgent surgery this week.

I took this photo in Paris in 2008 - disappointed I won't be there next month...

And the wonders of Florence will have to wait, perhaps all the sweeter when it finally happens.

I am simply praying for a return to good health, and safe travelling later...

All prayers, good karma or happy vibes gratefully received -
and I'll do my best at this end to keep my little birdie chin up!

I have potted some pansies,

encouraged the roses,

and bought a new tree fern.
Gardening as a symbol of life and new hopes ...

Right, enough of that...
Now, getting back to amusing ourselves:

Did anyone else notice this?
William and Kate in Brisbane, last week:

Charles and Diana in Brisbane, 1983:

Cool Blue and White for the hot climate?

Or another history re-run - 
We've watched the passing down of Diana's sapphire engagement ring (nice, although I found that slightly discomforting);
 we have seen the bringing of the baby to Australia at the same age,
the similar appearance at Uluru in a soft grey dress,
the Diana military look coats....
all attractive, but I wonder if William has issues, and Kate goes along with it to please him.  
Or, is it just a phase they are going through as they find their own path?
What do others think?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

PS: (Mr C. and I were there in Brisbane City Hall, that day in 1983, standing along the red carpet, the closest I ever got to Diana. 
 I was astonished at how thin she was.)

Saturday, April 26, 2014


...and then there was MONA...

wild and wacky, naughty and funny..

MONA creeps up on you like a sneaky urchin..
carved into the hillside on the banks of the Derwent River..

Enter via the rooftop at ground level, 
then plummet into the darkness of the subterranean depths..

Natural sandstone walls, carved from the earth..

the Museum of Old and New Art, the largest privately funded museum in Australia, developed by eccentric millionaire David Walsh opened in January 2011.  Set amid a glorious vineyard at the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale Peninsula in Hobart, the museum has been described by Walsh as a 'subversive adult Disneyland'.

Passionate collector Walsh previously presented an Antiquities Museum on the site, and has happily incorporated these fantastic pieces into MONA, alongside the modern and contemporary art he loves.

Ancient Cuneiform writing on clay cylinders..

Elegant modern timber bench seats for visitors..

Sidney Nolan 'Leda and the Swan'

My favourite piece, displayed outside on the roof -
 life-sized cement truck, a fantasy of lacy, gothic, rusted ironwork!

From some angles, you can't see the truck at all..

And, down by the river, I spotted the Chapel:

Much of the art in MONA cannot be successfully photographed in the darkened rooms, and indeed, Walsh's taste does rather run to the scatological, the blasphemous, the obscene, and to a bit of school-boy rudeness...not suitable for a G-rated blog...

But it was great fun, and attracts huge numbers of visitors.

When we emerged, a rainbow appeared over the river

Mr C captured me out on the point trying to get a good pic, and outdid me -
 as he often does.

And the antidote to all the naughtiness came on Easter Saturday, en route to historic Richmond, to look at Australia's oldest bridge -

built by convicts in the 1820s..

We passed a meadow touched by the yellow of the afternoon sun...

Dear Bach, we thought of you:

St. Mary's Cathedral, Hobart, Easter Sunday, 2014.

May your weekend be special, in every way..


Thursday, April 24, 2014


I hope everyone had a great Easter.
We flew south to Hobart, Tasmania, that little island state south of mainland Australia.  Did you guess it?
And Hobart is down at the bottom,  43 degrees south latitude, so much cooler than our home in Brisbane, Queensland.

Brooding Mt Wellington overlooks the city, usually with a dusting of snow on top.

We drove up there, and yes, indeedy, there was snow!  And Very Cold Wind!

I loved it...it was just above freezing, and I was wearing Accessories..
gloves, a knitted beret, warm, scarf, tights, cashmere sweater and faux leather jacket - Excellent!

Above the tree-line, there is an eerie atmosphere.

A dull day, but the views were spectacular..
We retreated away from the wind, into this glass viewing space - a bit tricky for photography..

Our Hobart hotel was near the water, and the historic wharf area with its famous Salamanca Place markets:

Bought ourselves new leather gloves with furry lining...

It was nice to see some real Autumn leaves..

And speaking of yellow, remember Kate's spectacular yellow dress from last week... 

Look what Style Arc patterns produced, just 24 hours later:

So, do you think I ordered it?

And here is tonight's dress, the only evening function in Australia, a reception in the nation's capital, Canberra:

Elegant and understated, and looking beautiful after three weeks of touring.
I am sure they are both looking forward to flying home tomorrow.

I will tell you about a few more things we saw and did, next post.

Be good and stay safe XXXX