Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Snow had been falling early last week in the only region in Queensland known for the odd snowfall.
The Cardinals decided to fly off to Stanthorpe in the Granite Belt close to the southern border of the state.
Alas, no snow could be found, but the brass monkey in the main street looked a little cold.

It was satisfyingly bleak, cold and wet, and warm coats, scarves, hats and gloves were seenAnd that was just Mr Cardinal...

We enjoyed fresh seasonal produce ..

and found our way to the Chocolate Shop out in the bush and up in the hills.

Drank a lot of hot chocolate too ..

Quirky garden stuff - don't you love the funny tourist spots?

Discovered a lavender farm over the border in New South Wales:

Bought a pile of lavender goodies, jams and relish, candles and fragrance, natural soaps, chocolates .....

Can't keep a good shopaholic down!

Invigorated by this expedition, I finished the pyjamas for the Petite Garcon:

They are now winging their way across the Pacific, to our dear little grandson.
Hope he likes them!

and hope your week is going well ..




  1. Indeed, the monkey looks like he is cold. Otherwise, it sure does not look cold nor winter-y over there.
    It is soon mid- June over here, and I could easily wear my winter wear on.

    1. Big difference from Finland, isn't it. We have to make the most of our tiny winter, just to experience a change of season! Before we know it, the relentless summer will be back xx

  2. My gosh Patricia.
    You are a perfectionist. The pj's for your little grandson are perfect.. how he will love wearing them.
    I love the brass Moneky. It looks as though its really cold up north.
    Its very hot here, but lovely.
    One always finds something different and unique at tourists stops. you took some good photos. enjoyed the post.
    happy days

    1. Dear Val, glad you like the pj's - not so perfect if you look close but maybe he won't notice! It was fun doing the tourist stops; it has been quite some time since we could leave town and go off for a little adventuring.
      Enjoy the sun - he is not shining here right now!
      xx P.

  3. The Pj's look amazing. Love your photos of Stanthorpe. Is sewing something for yourself in the pipeline? Like the ad says ; because you deserve it..

    1. Thanks Valerie, Stanthorpe is always fun. There are a couple of projects for myself half-done and needing a little tinkering to get them right. This would be the aspect of sewing I don't enjoy so much! Today I bought some new fabric, cream with dark birds flying across. One day it will become something ...

  4. Oh those PJs are adoreable - I bet you can't wait to see him in them, all cute and pink after his bath! The shopping place looks wonderful, and so do those trees! Enjoy your short winter! xxx

  5. Thankyou Mrs E - quite proud of the PJs myself, I must say:)
    Hoping post-bath photos will come my way asap..
    Enjoying wearing winter clothes right now; 5 degree minimum forecast tomorrow..

  6. We have travelled to Stanthorpe on several occasions during winter time and quite possibly it rates up there with loud exclamations (mine) of 'It's Freezing'!
    Still, it's a lovely region with lots to see and do.
    Little one's pj's are adorable Patricia and I'm sure he will be delighted.
    Gosh you are clever.

    1. Hi Annie, Am quite proud of the pj's, must admit! and yes, it was Freezing in Stanthorpe, but when rugged up it is fun. It was so good to get away to somewhere different and breath the fresh air! xx