Sunday, May 20, 2018


Did you enjoy the Royal Wedding?

You know I did....

Even the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect joined in, with a fabulous display by the Snow Bush..

Made a little Lemon and Elderflower cake.
Reader, it was delicious...and perfect for Wedding Watching on a Saturday night...

after we had spent the day at The Races.

By now you will have seen it all if you wish, but I am here to share my favourite parts of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ...

St George's Chapel looked breathtaking with its white floral decor..

Meghan's dress was Perfection: the simple elegance I hoped she would wear.
Love that she chose Givenchy, who designed for Audrey Hepburn, and that the fashion house now has a British head designer.

Mother Doria is the sweetest lady, and looked as radiantly happy as her beautiful daughter...

We enjoyed the marriage ceremony very much, with its many and varied original and unique touches.

The choral 'Lord Bless you and Keep You' by John Rutter is one Mr C and I have sung with various choirs, and a lovely choice.

And the fantastic young cellist, Sheku Kenneh-Mason - Wow!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex emerge from the Chapel..

Meghan has exquisite taste.  Queen Mary's Bandeau Tiara, not seen publicly since the early 1950s, was a brilliant choice.  I hope Meghan wears it again in the future.

The carriage ride.  And perfect weather.

Best pic seen so far of Doria's and Camilla's outfits.  
With a little Princess Charlotte on the side - cuteness itself.

Off to the party in Stella McCartney, another beautiful example of classic simplicity, adorned with Diana's aquamarine ring.  Well done, Harry.

Elderflower and Lemon Wedding Cake. 
 I wonder if they found time to enjoy a slice?

Have a great week


Monday, May 14, 2018


Where has the time gone?
It has been weeks since I blogged - but I am still here.

Autumn has set in, with chilly mornings and brilliant skies...

Mother's Day was absolutely lovely...

Little Aussie was here with his Dad...

and with Mr Cardinal they arranged a party lunch for me!

There were bunting and balloons, flowers and gifts...

Mr C gave me a new crepe pan, and my favourite white chrysanthemums:

our younger son came bearing a warm apple tea cake, made with his own clever hands:

You can tell that young rascal Aussie had a hand in the decor...

and his card melted my heart...

He chose these flowers, and was fascinated that they had been artificially coloured...

In fact, they match his unique portrait of moi:

He says it is Wild Grannie, based on Where the Wild Things Are..

Bless him, the cheeky imp....

In other news, after trying eleventy hundred pairs of walking shoes in every 'comfort shoe' shop I know, I have settled on these black Naots.
I have 'difficult' feet, with several of the well-known issues which hurt.
Naot has always been my most successful brand, and I really don't know why I didn't just go to them in the first place.

We have to walk to the opera and concerts in Berlin and Prague, so I think these  little sparkle shoes will work with the various black outfits I plan to take.

A botanical top from H&M

We have been to some Brisbane concerts:

Piers Lane, playing Chopin at the Medici Concert, exquisitely...
 and another great QSO Maestro concert: Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances, and brilliant young violinist Chad Hoopes playing Barber's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra.

So satisfying, and I can't wait for our European jaunt where there will be a concert every second night or so.

Saturday:  Royal Wedding Day.
We are going to The Races during the day, and will spend the evening in front of the television to watch the telecasts from Windsor.
It begins at 9.00pm Australian time.
We are told the Wedding Cake will be lemon and elderflower flavours....
Found the cordial in Coles, and will make a little lemon cake for our supper.

Off to the shops for some last minute travel needs...

Stay warm Queenslanders - it might be down to single digit cold this morning..