Monday, February 28, 2022




My Goodness, we have had an eventful time here...

Record-breaking rain for days, and now floods all over Brisbane and South East Queensland...

The park where I go walking, now a boiling torrent of water...

A shipping container was washed into the park last night, having crossed the flooded road!

Many parts of Brisbane are under water, and over 15,000 homes have been inundated.

A local Garden Centre, under water today..

Our normal route to the City:  we are now cut off by floods for some days..

It is heartbreaking for so many people, who have lost homes and businesses in just a few hours..

We are fine here at home, and pleased we live up on a hill.

Yesterday was not without drama, when the weeks of rain made our ground so waterlogged that we had a continuous seeping of water into our basement area.

Lovely neighbours came to help, and makeshift pumps and siphons were established, while some of us filled buckets continuously and emptied them outside.  This prevented a build up of water which would have ruined walls and floors of several rooms, not to mention furniture etc.  

We kept up the bucketing all day, and by night the rain lessened, and with it the creeping water.  Mr. Red Cardinal bravely spent the night down there, checking every thirty minutes and emptying out more water.  At last after midnight the rain stopped, and the water flow ceased. 

 It was worth the effort as we would have had a big repair and possible difficult insurance claim if the water was not removed.  This has never happened in 18 years of living here, and shows the impact of what the Government has called a 'Rain Bomb'.  We will now purchase a pump in case of future events, but of course could not go out to do that yesterday as all the roads were flooded.  

We are very fortunate that we did not lose electricity, as thousands of homes and businesses did.  Many people are confined to apartment blocks due to flooding in basement carparks and lower levels.  It is a sad trauma for our State after the shock of the latest Covid19 Omicron surge.  Eight people have lost their lives in floods this week.

Our Lady of Kiev, pray for the people of the Ukraine as they defend their beautiful country.  This war is unjust and unwarranted, horrific and very frightening.  What has the world come to?

I have never been to Ukraine, but their Capital, Kiev, has always had a romantic pull, such a beautiful place.  Here are a few pictures I found..

Independence Square, Kiev. 
 I do hope they can maintain their independence as a nation.

Take care, be safe, and keep dry.


Sunday, February 6, 2022


This post is heavy on Royal News...
non-monarchists may wish to turn away now......

Australia's own Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, turned 50 last Friday.
The former Mary Donaldson from Hobart, Tasmania,  she married Crown Prince Frederick in 2004, and has produced four adorable children.
They met in Sydney during the  Summer Olympics in 2000.

By all accounts, Mary is loved by the people of Denmark: she mastered the difficult Danish language, fits in well, and carries out her royal duties with aplomb and a large helping of glamour.

Here is the whole family: Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary at back,
Princess Isabella 14, Prince Christian 16,  and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine who turned 11 in January.

Today, February 6, marks Accession day for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
Exactly 70 years ago, her beloved father, King George VI, passed away suddenly at Sandringham while Elizabeth was on tour in Africa.

As has been her custom over the years, the 95 year old Queen is currently at Sandringham to observe her father's anniversary.

However, on Saturday, she began the exciting year of her Platinum Jubilee with a little party :

Looking radiantly happy, but she has lost a lot of weight this year...

Earlier in the week, looking over congratulatory cards, and a fan belonging to Queen Victoria signed by family and friends on Victoria's Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in the history of Britain.

However, she is currently fourth on the list of long-reigning world monarchs.

For the curious, here are the top three:

King Louis XIV of France - reigned 1643-1715 - 72 years, 110 days.

King Bhumibol of Thailand - reigned 1946-2016 - 70 years, 126 days.

Johann II, Prince of Leichtenstein - reigned 1858-1929 - 70 years, 91 days.

Congratulations to Her Majesty.
Have a wonderful Jubilee year.

Doesn't she look bright and happy?

Have a great week