Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I wore poppies for Remembrance today,
Anzac Day

Remembering and honouring the brave men and women who served and sacrificed to protect us...

Two brothers, great-uncles of Mr C, served and were lost in France in the Great War of 1914-18

We found their names on the Menin Gate at Ypres, Belgium, when we visited in 2009

Imagine spending months and years fighting in the mud and freezing cold of the trenches..

My grandfather fought in the same area, with two of his brothers.
He was fortunate, and returned home to Australia in 1919.
Sometimes we wonder if our kinsmen met, fighting with other Australians in a far-off land..

Over in London, Prince Harry attended the dawn Anzac Day service at Marble Arch, with his bride-to be Meghan.  It has been a busy week for Royal news:

I liked Meghan's green floral dress. 
 She has her own distinctive style, as should we all...

H.M. celebrated her 92nd birthday with a concert
(joined by Australia's own Kylie Minogue standing right behind).
I'd love to wear a golden dress when I turn 92...

The Best for last: a new baby Prince for William and Kate:

Looking lovely in a pretty red dress, going home about eight hours after the birth.  I am in awe!

Take care


Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Greetings from the Red Cardinal nest..

After five days, the lorikeets forgave us for installing a new bird feeder,  suddenly landed and began to eat.

Mr C subsequently bought some chain and repaired the old feeder.
We now have two feeding stations, one for cockatoos and one for lorikeets.

Actually, no, that is untrue, they still like to stage a territorial fight.
I think they enjoy it....

The Commonwealth Games have been held at the Gold Coast.
Little Aussie went to a few events with his family, and enjoyed it hugely.
I bought him some new pencils and drawing books which feature the blue koala mascot, Borobi.  Aussie has been here for nearly a week of the school holidays.

 Interior of his box construction: the pilot's cabin of an aeroplane.
He painted the windscreen, with blue skies and three mountain peaks right ahead.  Hope he didn't crash into those...

The heat returned, so swimming was on the agenda..

The first fairy-tale I remember from childhood was Beatrix Potter's 'Peter Rabbit', so when the movie came to town, I asked Aussie to take me.
We loved seeing all the characters coming to life, and there were plenty of sly jokes for grown-ups to keep us all entertained.

It's been years, but we Cardinals went to a Formal Ball.
No longer possessing a ball gown, I found a long black caftan, dressed it with a string of giant pearls, and a bit of sparkle.
It is possible the caftan will have a trip to Europe some time soon..

And then it was time for our next Queensland Symphony concert -
Ginastera Concerto and then a Brahms Symphony, but first the alluring 'Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun'...

The faun, a mythological half human-half goat creature from Roman mythology.
And speaking of hybrid creatures, there are many of them to be found in 'Curious Affection', the current exhibition at GoMA:

Artist Patricia Piccinini creates her own beings, posing questions about genetic engineering.  The New York Times describes her creations as 'sculptures of life forms that don't exist'.

'The Stags' 2008 QAG
Two Vespa style male/stags.  What if new machines grew animal instincts?
What if artificial intelligence might find a way to imitate organic reproduction, growth and development?

'The Struggle' 2017
Piccinini studied Art History, and has a keen interest in referencing historical works.  'The Struggle' is based on the work of 18th century Romantic painter George Stubbs, famous for a cycle of paintings of Lions attacking horses.
Here the lion is a yellow Vespa, attacking one of the deers.

There are lots of children and birds...

Birds who lay eggs, and children and babies who are the beginning of life...

An eerie realm of hybrid flowers in 'The Field', peopled by Piccinini's creatures.
She fuses a flower form with the Venus of Willendorf, a famous female figurine from around 28,000 BC, along with ducks and reptiles.  
With accompanying sound waves, and an unbalanced floor, to take you to another world....

Whatever happened to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere?
Instead of April showers, DD in Ottawa is hunkered down while an ice storm rages outside, school buses are cancelled, and snow is predicted.
I hope the Spring flowers will be OK....

And that your week is going well, and you are warm, dry, or cool, according to latitude...


Sunday, April 8, 2018


I hope you all had a peaceful Easter.  
We Cardinals have been enjoying the more temperate weather of Autumn, including some fabulous rainbows..

and an Easter trip to the beach.

Climbed up the headland, and enjoyed the rainforest jungle..

Lots of beach walking...

A souvenir..

Did we have a Bunny Shake?
Oh yes we did.....

Evil Bunny Shake and two straws

We came home to a visitation from this naughty boy..

and his mates..

So cheeky, looking at me through the glass door..

They amused themselves by wrecking the bird feeder.

So a little shopping excursion yesterday, and we brought home a new one:

The lorikeets, however, are having none of it.

I awoke today to their screeching with annoyance - and they will not go onto the feeding platform.
A few daring ones did a helicopter hover to check it out, but not one had the courage to land.  They have been back a few times for another look.
We will see what tomorrow brings...

Visit from grandpuppy..

Uniqlo have Marimekko designs - who knew?
This is my $39 special, and my intense 'can I do a selfie' face...
It is beautiful fabric, and it has pockets.
A contender for Europe?

Take care and have a great week