Thursday, June 14, 2012


I have been thinking all things Spanish lately.
Particularly Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado,
an exhibition coming soon to our Qld. Art Gallery,
right here in little old Brisbane.

Source: Google Earth

This is the fabulous Prado (not to be confused with Prada) Museum in Madrid.
The exhibition will bring hundreds of masterpieces, dating from the Golden Age of the 1600s, the time of Diego Velazquez,
through to the twentieth century and Picasso.

Las Meninas, 1656, Diego Velazquez.  Source: Google Images
The Prado holds Las Meninas (Spanish for Maids of Honour), one of the world's most famous paintings.
Alas, it will not be travelling around the world to see us.
But many other famous and wonderful paintings will make the trek.

I have never been to Spain, but live in hope.
However I have enjoyed the Old Spanish influence in the culture of New Mexico and Texas.

The Alamo: San Antonio, Texas, an old Spanish Mission central to the Battle of the Alamo, 1836,
during the war of independence between Texas and Mexico.
The story is retold in the great old Hollywood movie, The Alamo, 1960,
starring John Wayne as Davy Crockett.
It was downright spooky inside there ...

The Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, New Mexico, built 1610,
and the oldest continuously occupied public building in the USA.
This was the seat of government of the Spanish colony of New Mexico.
I loved Santa Fe, and bought lots of local crafts at the market along the colonades of the Palace.

The adobe buildings are so sculptural and organic.
Loved them!

My wonderful friend C crotcheted this beautiful pink shawl for me!
It is the softest cashmere, light as a feather, and perfect for these chilly nights.
And it could be said to look a bit Spanish, too.  Bonus...
Thank you, dear C!

Bought some new flannel sheets ...
Guess who's coming to stay for the weekend ..

And at a local Seriously Cheap Shop:

Some grannie will be playing Bubba cinos tomorrow :)))

Have a fun weekend everybody!




  1. Lovely post Patricia with talk of travel, a beautiful gift (handmade ones are special) and the imminent arrival of little Aussie. A little bird told me his Dad will maybe help with a certain blog's foofing!
    Enjoy the weekend and have fun playing coffee shops. I dare say you love every minute!

    1. Hi Annie, definitely plan to have lots of fun! xx

  2. How wonderful! I love the Prado, and Madrid - the most amazingly arid and grandly dignified city. I hope you get to go one day. When you do, be sure to take that beautiful mantilla for the chilly evenings, and watch out for the most insanely generous gin measures in the bars - a good Madrid G&T will knock you for six! xxx

    1. Oh, I love a G&T, and I was thinking about Sangria! Maybe next year ... xxx

  3. Might I ask where all the interest in all Spanish comes from?
    If I´d ever go there again, I´d avoid the beaches crowded by tourists. Barcelona maybe instead..
    Everything is in such a mess over there at the moment, Cyprus to follow?
    Oh, you will have a wonderful w/e, enjoy!

    1. Something of a re-awakened interest, I'd say! I am a gallery guide (docent) at the Qld. Art Gallery and as we write our own tours I am immersing myself in the subject right now. Also, our climate here I think is similar, and my parents built a lovely Spanish style house with a courtyard in the 70s, furnished with many objects acquired on a trip to Spain. Sad that Spain and much of Europe in a mess; I wonder what the future holds?

  4. Great excitement for Australia to be having works of art from the "El prado".. Its a wonderful place to get lost in Patricia. I do hope that one day, you will be able to visit. Madrid is a fascinating city. There you will find history of the old Spanish conquests in the America's.
    I loved the film "The Alamo".. If we really think about it.. It was such a shame, they had no hope of defending themselves, however they did a grand job until the end.
    your friend 's croched shawl is so delicate and lovely- very Spanish.
    viva Espanha.
    Happy weekend with the grandchildren..
    xx val

    1. I know I will want to go to Spain immediately, once I see all the Prado works on display! Reading up on the history is fascinating indeed. I loved that old film too, and thought about it when we visited the Alamo to see for ourselves. Having fun here with Little Aussie who is just as cute as cute can be! xx P.

  5. That cashmere shawl must be utter bliss in the winter and I love the colour too !xx