Wednesday, June 21, 2017



Last week I returned to the house of my childhood, where I lived until I was sixteen.  It has been a rental property for a long time, and will be sold as part of my father's estate. It was recently the first anniversary of his passing - how time flies...

My parents built the house as their family grew, eventually having six children.
I was amazed to see the same bench-tops were still in the old kitchen.
My mother chose this design, and I remember it was called 'Parasol'..
Grey was chic then, as it is again now.
I stood in my old bedroom, and one wall is still painted in the same pale pink/lilac shade I chose for myself all those years ago, the little room where I studied for those high school exams...

I had forgotten the light switches - quite Art Deco in style..

Our Garden of Neglect surprised me with a pink gerbera -
well done...considering we did not even plant it there...

Bought myself a little reward gift from Lady Chatterley's Affair.
Her earrings are spectacular - I love the idea of a different posy for each ear..
If you would like to see her cute jewellery and homewares, look at

My 'prize' was for achieving the five-year mark as a cancer survivor, and I have 'graduated' from my oncologist/surgeon.  Of course, any worries and I can go back at any time.  It is a good milestone, and I am very grateful to be alive and in good health.

You knew I'd love Kate's rose pink dress and hat, didn't you?

Look at HM making eye contact with little Prince George.

She is amazing for 91, chic in pale blue..

Loved this white lace and frothy hat for Ascot too.

Such sad times in the UK, particularly London.  The world is in shock, but they carry on bringing some happiness and joy in dark times.

One would need nerves of steel, hoping nothing will go wrong.

Children's Art Centre, GoMA
We Cardinals have been enjoying 'Genius', the biography of Albert Einstein on National Geographic.

The series stars Queensland's own Geoffrey Rush brilliantly playing the mature Einstein...

I never studied science at school, more is the pity, and certainly could not explain the Theory of Relativity - but at least I am learning a few things.
I have downloaded the book onto my Kindle and am enjoying that too.

Have you seen it?


Sunday, June 11, 2017


Hello there.

Rarely for this locality, we have had a wet and drizzly weekend.
Just the kind where you keep cosy and warm, and watch TV movies..

or in my case, another couple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films,
all in the interests of research...
The Marvel Exhibition at GoMA is attracting huge crowds.
Who knew Super-heros had such pulling power?

Oh yes, these guys do...

Seen on my walk in the drizzle...

Puddle reflections along the path...

I took Mr C out for breakfast at our local Wild Canary cafe and garden centre:

It is a month since his surgery, and the doctor is pleased with his progress.

Dreaming of sewing next Spring...

And it's time we looked at some new art:

'Tow Row', Judy Watson, 2016. Bronze. GoMA.
GoMA, the Gallery of Modern Art, is situated beside the Brisbane River.
To celebrate the Gallery's tenth anniversary, Indigenous artist Judy Watson was commissioned in 2016 to produce this bronze sculpture, now situated at the Gallery entrance.

Watson has responded to the site beside the river by referencing woven 'butterfly' nets once used by Aboriginal people of the area, acknowledging the traditional owners of the site.  The object was known in this area as a Tow Row, made from the fibre of the Cottonwood tree. 

The bronze sculpture was constructed by first manipulating a traditional model from the Queensland Museum into shape, so that the form looks as if it just emerged from the water.

The design was made up with jersey and raffia, which are very pliable, then the net draped and pinned over styrofoam shapes to give the appearance of a real net.  Sand molds were then used to cast the molten bronze.  This was done in sections, then the metal was pieced together, welded, and polished.

A traditional Tow Row is currently on display on Level 3 of the Gallery.

Judy Watson with 'Tow Row'
Aboriginal men fishing with Tow Row nets in the 1890s
On a sunny day, the sculpture gleams in the sunlight, and forms a beautiful shadowing.

The artist has said 'The shadow is almost like a heart that's spilling out onto the ground'...

Have a great week


Tuesday, June 6, 2017


June 1st is the technical start of Winter hereabouts....
Time to try a Winter pudding, Apple Pan Dowdy, a good old-fashioned recipe from my lovely friend M.
Reader, it was delicious....

The Garden of Neglect is making quite an effort, with all that heat and humidity banished for a few months.
Mornings and evenings are quite cold, but we have balmy sunny days, with maximums from 20-24C.  
So good to be able to wear jeans, and sleeves, again.

Here is the June picture on my Canadian birds calendar.
No names are provided, so I hail my Canadian readers to let me know something about this little yellow fellow, and his lovely purple blooms..

Found some polka dot pants on with my white sweater and a B/W scarf..

Mr C has been home for a week, and finds the recovery process quite tedious and painful.  But he is a really good patient, and does everything he is prescribed, which is quite extensive exercising.  He has now taken a few solo steps, albeit very stiff-leggedly!

The pain continues, and ice packs are used several times a day.
I have to take him to a physiotherapist one day, the Hospital Rehabilitation unit another day, and also doctor check-ups.  As well, keeping up my own medical exercises and appointments and helping with his care.  Busy times....

I received this beautiful gift from a very special and generous friend.
It is a hand-made journal, made just for me, featuring my own personal loves:
art, sewing, music...

It is a work of art and just so lovely.

Here is a peek at some of the pages, featuring vintage fashions, sewing patterns and notions, and old music:

Thank you H, I love your work so much, and the book is gorgeous..

Stay warm - down to 3c tomorrow morning..