Monday, December 30, 2013


Something very special happened to me in 2013 ...

As usual, I sewed - not a lot, but 2 shirts, 3 tops, and 5 dresses came out of the sewing cave.
The pink linen is my undoubted favourite...

I sang with my two choirs..

and worked as a docent at the Gallery ..

We flew to Canada to see our dear daughter, young master H, and the little bebe..

and a northern spring ..

the Garden of Neglect continued to bloom as and when it saw fit..

but it is not these things of which I speak.

2013 was the year when I found a new mindset, learned to tread more gently on the world, and in a way I do not fully understand, in the process let go of the excess weight I have hugged to my body for 20 years, with minimal dietary effort on my part.  
I am profoundly grateful that this has happened, and can only say that miracles sometimes touch our lives...

as I wish you, dear Blog Friends, much happiness, joy and peace in 2014..

Happy New Year from the Red Cardinal!!


Friday, December 27, 2013


The Garden of Neglect is throwing up a few blooms, despite a crazy heatwave...

I love this old rose, but have no idea of its name..

Meanwhile, didn't the Queen look amazing at Church in Sandringham?
Brilliant orange, with black fur trim.. Gorgeous..
 I would love to think I could wear such an outfit when I am 87!!

Kate, festive in tartan, but it was no contest - the Queen wins hands down!

Camilla, stylish in purple - it seems to me her outfits are becoming increasingly elegant, in line with her popularity .. but maybe that's just my imagination...

Meantime, over in the USA, Michelle wore some pretty festive party looks this year.. 
Gold says Christmas...

as does green ...

I've been perusing my Vintage Fashion book:

Fashions in the 1920s were So Chic!

Jackie's in there ..

and Grace..

Post-Christmas, I find I am suddenly completely without energy -
bone weary, in fact!

Was it the champagne, the egg-nog, or the excitement??

Perhaps it is time for a bit of a rest in this little nest...

Enjoy the post-Christmas lull!


Thursday, December 26, 2013


On the First day of Christmas...

I bought the holly..

constructed a Yule Log..

baked a Glazed Ham..

made a stocking for Little Aussie..

made more stockings for Sydneysider son and Irish Lass..

wore my new white linen, sparkled it up with an angel pin, rhinestone art deco earrings and bracelet, half price at the Mall...

went to church and sang 'Joy to the World, the Lord Has Come!'

Later that night, Santa came....

On Christmas morn, Little Aussie arrived - and after exchanging Greetings, said in his best, and most polite tone "I was hoping I might find a present under the tree" ..

and lo, so he did! 

loved his little sleepover bed..

and his Iron Man suit

Mr C spoilt me with a silk kimono gown from The Happiness Place..

and among other goodies, Germaine Greer's latest book..

The young ones gave me this to read - an excellent choice!

my favourite spritz..

and some seriously good health foods..

to counteract this:

Later that day, it was so humid, I wore (shock, horror) Shorts!

In Queensland, there is no upper age limit to being cool in the Summer..

and so the Grandparents were Very Happy!

The End