Friday, January 27, 2017


Happy Australia Day to all Australians as we celebrate this week.

I have been on a long break from the Art Gallery...
but here is a peek at some very special porcelain on display these days:

By an unknown artist in 19th century China, 
I love this exquisite porcelain 'Bowl with Goldfish'...

Fun to find a ladybug in your teacup!

Trio: (the golden canary) c. 1760, Dr Wall (Worcester), James Giles, Decorator.

Ewer (yuto) Japan, 15th-16th century (Muromachi period), artist unknown.

Mr Cardinal took this great picture of tiny Japanese Netsuke.  

In an attempt to cheat the heat, we celebrated Australia Day with the neighbours, at our Annual Street Party, after sundown.

Barbeques on the lawn, 

Salad table on the street..

and card tables in parking bays.
A good thing we live in a very quiet cul-de-sac...

I thought about wearing my Wattle Brooch...
 (copy of the one presented to the Queen by Australia back in the day)
sourced from the Buckingham Palace gift shop on our way to Ireland in 2016...

but that seemed excessive.....

Do you like fine porcelain too?
Tell me what you love...

Have a beautiful weekend


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


My mother's orange Bohemian glass jug survived the Great January Declutter.
It definitely still brings the Joy of Orange into my life..

Dear M gave me this exquisite silk scarf for my birthday, with the beautiful heart scarf ring to wear with it.  Thank you my dear, it is just perfect.

I am still reading my lovely Freida book from Christmas - and spinning it out by reading Victoria: The Queen, by Julia Baird, at the same time, and loving both of them.  The TV series 'Victoria' is running again, so am watching more of it too.  
It was sad to read how Victoria really could not get over Prince Albert's untimely passing.  Perhaps today she would have been treated for depression.  I was amazed to read that for the last 39 years of her reign she only opened Parliament seven times, apparently not being able to face crowds any longer.

Heatwave after heatwave rolls across Australia.
We took shelter at the Mall last weekend when it hit 39c hereabouts, and may do the same this weekend.  Our simple one-room air-conditioner does not stand a chance against that sort of heat.  It does make daily walking difficult, because the heat lasts until nightfall.

What with the heat and the intermittent storms, the roses are getting on with it.
But I have to pick them the minute they open, or a few hours later the petals are all burnt black.

This enormous stick insect had the audacity to visit me...

I enjoyed Michelle Obama's interview with Oprah.
She was a very gracious and graceful First Lady, I thought, and it will be interesting to see how she employs her talents into the future.
She was quite definite that it will not be in politics!

Gratuitous look at Kate's new blue coat, as a reminder that some people live in cold climates..

You all know I love a good accessory..
Here is a late pic from Christmas:

Matching Mum's coat and clutch, and Charlotte's outfit and hairbow:
Candy canes, I salute you as Accessory of the Year :)

Stay cool or warm, and be good.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The house-frau in me has always looked forward to January...

and that post-Christmas lull, when the world is quiet, and we set our house to rights before the new year really gets underway.

Decluttering is the order of the day.

I have not read that popular book by the Japanese lady, but have read enough about it to know the mantra of giving away all that does not bring you joy.

The swan bring me joy, so it is safe.
However we have packed many items which were never loved or wanted, and taken them off to the St Vincent de Paul charity shop.

And it is very liberating.

Despite another heat wave, we have been gardening too, throwing away non-performers and adding a new plant or two.

Tomorrow the herb garden gets a makeover.

Can you believe the Easter buns are in the shops already?
Neither could I....


Thank you for your kind comments on my previous post -
several of you have been encouraging me to take a rest, after the busy few weeks we have had.
And I am - found this unfinished cross-stitch during the declutter and am happily stitching away, watching more TV than I have in ages.

Did you watch the Golden Globes?

No idea who these ladies are, but I thought this dress was stunning..

I think I like the blue dress with the pink roses, such a pretty colour.
But I am concerned she might catch cold...

And while we are in Hollywood, so sad about these two:

Loved Debbie since I was a girl, and loved Carrie/Princess Leia.

Sing and dance among the stars, you two special performers.

Keep warm or cool, wherever you are.

Forecast here for tomorrow is 37c.
We might go to the movies.


Friday, January 6, 2017


Happy New Year, dear Reader...
I hope 2017 brings you good health, happiness, and your heart's desire...

Since Christmas we have had another heat wave, another big storm, and a bit of a cool change..

Summer living by the pool, and white wine in the turquoise glasses from DD.

My Canadian Songbirds calendar sprang into action on January 1st -
and the little Canadians set off on the long trip home to the Land of Ice and Snow:

Suddenly the house is quiet and empty again, after six weeks bursting at the seams with action and excitement.
We have lots of happy memories, and hope they do as well.

I have to admit to being a teeny tiny bit overtired,
but have managed to put away the Christmas decorations....

And throw out any leftover foods containing sugar...

I wonder how it feels to go from this, to -15c and snow on the ground?

Balmy night on New Year's Eve, enjoying the pool with new blue lights...

Our grandsons, who could hardly swim when they arrived, were swimming like two little fishes by the end of their holiday.
Very Australian.

M and I had lunch at Pitch & Fork, Toowong...

Delicious food, and not a smidgen of sugar was consumed:

Post Christmas austerity plan successfully adhered to ..

I'm off to wash a few more sheets, 
and continue the January decluttering process.

Enjoy your weekend