Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Now I don't want you all to get excited, but it seems Colin Firth has been around the place lately,
filming The Railway Man in a railway town about 30 minutes from the Cardinal Nest.
Not that I noticed, of course...

I have been preoccupied with the sorting out of my old family home.
My 91 year old Dad relocated a few months ago to a beautiful care facility not far from where he lives.
He has adjusted really well and by all accounts is quite a star there,
loving all the attention and first on the bus for their many outings.
Mum died a few years ago, so we are not in the throes of new grief.
Therefore it was a cheery day, and quite the fun gathering for we six,
the perfectly matching family: 3 x girls, and 3 x boys.
My mother was so organised she alternated as she went -
 girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy.

Won't bore you with everything I brought home, but I am pretty happy with my Orange Florentine glass jug.
I know it will be happy here.

An olde worlde tea service.  Mum, I'll think of you every time I make tea!

It's no secret I am in love with milk glass: 
here's another gorgeous piece for the collection.

Ye olde Singer treadle sewing machine!
How old would this be??

A sweet swan from Germany.
My parents travelled a lot.

Speaking of swimming on water, did I mention Colin Firth is in town?
Thought not .......

ahem, now where was I?

Coles have bunches of ten roses, two in each colour for $8.00.
Handy when the garden has frozen into non-action for the winter.

Everyone is talking about the royal pastels at the Order of the Garter Service.
I am too, and it is Camilla's pale pink that has me besotted.  Just beautiful!
Just as well she is in London and I am, well, here,
or I would be Stalking with Intent to Steal it all for myself :)
As always, Kate looked wonderful too!

Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. What a lovely post! Growing up with five siblings must've been crazy and fun, and I'm sure you have lots of wonderful memories to share with them. I am v. Jealous of your treadmill machine I love the click clack sound they make - is it in working order? If it needs some attention, I understand Colin is handy with a screwdriver... Xxx

  2. tee hee A, well, I haven't actually found out if the machine works, but I'll just nip up the road and ask Colin to check it out for me anyway!
    Yes, we six were always a team, and it was never dull at our place; when we all come togther it is always noisy and fun!

  3. Your mother sounds like a real supermum, organizing her children , collecting gorgeous pieces, travelling a lot and picking a great husband !xx

    1. You know, Mum was a supermum, before that name was even thought of! She did many things really well, and lived to a ripe old age. She still made clothes for herself and also made lace, well into her eighties. No wonder she raised six such independent and individual children! xx

  4. Replies
    1. I thought so too - and noone else put in a bid!!

  5. So Colin is an actor, I think.. ( living in the forest as you know ). I like your humor.
    So nice, that you find pleasure of the inherited pieces.
    I never did, got rid of just about everything. I only have 1-3 pieces, small items.
    Needless to repeat, I was not close to my mother, nor was she close to me.

    1. Ah, yes, Colin Firth, English gent and actor, found fame in a wet white shirt in TV series Pride and Prejudice. Many women have not recovered!
      I would not describe myself as being close to my mother, either Mette, and for a long time I did not want the inherited pieces; but with the passing of the years I have changed my feelings and chose many pieces I could pass on to my own children. My son will take Mum's piano accordian!

  6. Colin is just Divine (are you reading this Colin) and his adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is my favourite. Lets hope one of us spots him about town.
    Great inherited pieces Patricia and the sewing machine looks identical to the one my mother-in-law used until recently. My husband may know the age of this piece, must ask him.
    Kate and Camilla look fabulous!

    1. Me again..hubs just walked into the room after I published my comment. I showed him your pic, he thinks it's the same as his Mum's which has been in his family since the early 1900's. Try googling for info Patricia. Google is my best friend these days!

    2. Hi Annie, well I read in yesterday's paper that lucky Frances Whiting experienced a Colin Sighting! lucky duck...
      Great suggestion about the sewing machine. I immediately started the Google quest and what a mine of information. Think I best open up the machine and look for a serial number :)
      Meantime, have been oiling and cleaning the old family china cabinet which arrived yesterday...