Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sew and Sew

I Love Love Love this dress which Michelle trotted out this week.
Always was partial to a bit of pattern mixing.
Inspiration for future sewing projects, perhaps?

Not all my sewing efforts are smooth sailing.
A few weeks ago I decided to make the jacket from
Vogue V8474.

In the current hot weather, I had been charmed into purchasing a length
of white linen which is pre-crushed to create texture,
and which I thought gave an easy, casual look to the fabric.
I should know better, but I chose to ignore the pattern's instruction that
this jacket is for Stretch Fabrics Only!
The drapey long collar is stiff and unyielding in linen,
and certainly doesn't fold gracefully as it does in the illustration.
Today I have been reshaping the jacket to reduce the fullness,
and may press the underneath folds and catch with a few stitches.
If I produce something wearable, I will Show and Tell!

My daughter gave me these stickers - they are too cute to use and I like to display them in the sewing room as encouragement.

The cobalt blue linen, plus lining and notions is ready and waiting ...
as soon as the jacket is sorted.

I wish ....

Don't you love classic Dior in Paris,
and vintage cotton reels?

The turkey chick has disappeared as quickly as it arrived -
gone to some other lucky garden,
or caught by a cat .... I wonder ...

Have a good weekend!


  1. I always approached sewing like baking a cake..never digress from the measurements or directions as it sometimes ends in tears lol.
    Have we not all been lulled into a false sense of security at times be it choosing fabric or whatever?
    I love the framed photograph Patricia, does this pic hold any special memories for you? (see told you I'm a sticky-beak).

  2. Annie, I could lie and say this is a photo of moi in Paris, but non, it is sadly a postcard! However I suppose it does hold special memories because it summed up my response to Paris - chic, with the Tower always in the background!
    Yes, false sense of security, combined with a desire to do it MY way! lol