Thursday, February 9, 2012


Charles and  Camilla visited Dickens House Museum on Tuesday,
for Charles Dickens' 200th Birthday
Here they are in the same room as the clock I wound up (see previous post).
They are looking at a first edition of a Charles Dickens book.

You know how I love an Art Gallery:
Last night Kate made her first solo Royal Engagement at the
Lucien Freud Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.
Kate is their new Patron.
Doesn't she look poised, and completely at home in her new role!

Over in Frankfurt, Princess Mette-Marit of Norway opened an exhibition of paintings by
the great Norwegian artist Edvard "The Scream" Munch!

I bought these as long-stemmed roses on Monday,
but what with the heat and humidity by Wednesday they were hanging their little heads.
Solution:  cut them off and float them.  They seem a little happier now and at least one is opening up.

Here is our tiniest rosebush - a little mini about 10 cm. high.
It works away and produces a bloom now and again.

Bye now ..


  1. On my computer screen Camilla's frock matches the curtains.
    So glad your roses are still sort of surviving Patricia, mine were tossed in the compost after two days :(

    1. Hi Annie,
      Well spotted - Camilla has learnt the royal lessons well, matching the outfit to the occasion. Diana was brilliant at that!
      The roses are still looking good (Day 6); do you like my green glass float vase, which belonged to my grandparents?

  2. I actually meant to comment on the vase Patricia as I don't recall ever seeing this type of vessel before.
    Yes I do like very much.