Monday, October 27, 2014


When I was growing up, my mother always said 
'October is the Month of Storms'...
and back then it was.

After weeks of extreme dry and a day of record-breaking heat (41C in our area)
we had a storm this afternoon.  
 The flowers I bought yesterday will get a good start in life:

Halloween this week, so today I put up some Canadian decor sent by my daughter..

I also took my courage in both hands, went to the Mall, and bought my first mastectomy swimsuit.
It's taken me over two years, there was a psychological resistance, and it was hard to walk past many lovely costumes which could not be mine.

I had a choice of two styles, and this fitted me best.  
Unexciting, but eminently suitable for a grannie with a prosthesis!

Pleased I've crashed through another barrier...

In other news, the first of the yellow cosmos plants my friend J. gave me before we went travelling burst into bloom:

Pretty little thing, isn't it?

Mirdidingkingathi Juwarrnda Sally Gabori 'Dibirdibi Country' 2012
This is my current favourite painting, on display at QAGOMA.
Mirdidingkingathi Juwarrnda Sally Gabori is an indigenous Queensland artist.
She was born around 1924 on Bentinck Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria off the far north Queensland Coast.  
Bentinck was inhabited for thousands of years by the Kaiadilt people, and officially 'discovered' in 1623 by the Dutch explorer Jan Carstensz.

Gabori began painting in only 2005, already in her 80s, and quickly gained recognition for her vibrant works, apparently abstract, but in fact landscapes of her country through her mind's eye.  
Earlier works are a riot of gorgeous colour, but this more restrained recent work in dark navy blue and white, is astonishingly powerful.
Gabori says 'This is a big saltpan on my husband's country on Bentinck Island'.

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam passed away last week.
He was 98, and was PM in the early 70s.  
They were exciting times, and during his term many profound changes to Australian culture swept us into the modern age.
When we visited Parliament House in July, I liked his portrait, by Clifton Pugh, best of all the line-up of former Prime Ministers.

And speaking of people in their 90s, my Dad turns 94 this week.

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is kind.

And have a good week



  1. It must be very early in the year for you to be having such hot weather. Hopefully it isn't a sign of a long, hot summer to follow. I just saw on the BBC news that parts of Australia had been hit by tremendous thunderstorms. In BC hot, dry weather followed by thunderstorms almost always means forest fires. I hope the same doesn't hold true for you.

    Well done you for finding a swimsuit! Of course, my vision of swimming in Australia has been coloured by news reports. It sounds like a dangerous pursuit between the crocodiles and great white sharks. :-)

    1. Yes, Kristie, it is still officially Spring. And unfortunately forest fires are highly likely if the hot/dry/storm trend continues. Let's hope for some steady rain, soonish!
      Swimming will be confined to the swimming pool. Much safer :)

  2. It must be a relief to have some rain Patricia it really does look as if you had a good downfall.
    Happy Birthday to your father this week, and enjoy your first swim. With temperatures of 41℃ I should think that a dip in the pool must be a welcome relief.

    1. Thank you Rosemary. There are hot days when getting into the pool is about the only sensible option, so now I am ready for it. Let's hope we don't have too many heatwaves, my least favourite weather.

  3. Well done to you Trish! I have a feeling with this warm weather new swimmers are definitely going to be needed. Yesterday's storm held much promise here but delivered little. Thank you for sharing some lovely art. Many happiest to your Dad as well x

    1. Thank you Michelle. Same here re the storm, which moved on too quickly for much of a soaking. I'm sure Dad will enjoy his birthday very much. I have been commissioned to make his cake.

  4. Hi Patricia.....
    Those flowers are lovely...
    Good for you with the bathing suit....
    I did not know about your are a survivor♥️
    In answer to your question....Cardinals love peanuts in the shell....and black oil sunflower seeds.....
    Good luck!
    Love your Canadian decorating...
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda, Thank you, yes, am a survivor!
      Great tip re the cardinals, and I have already noted it in my travel diary. Last time we were told to buy a lump of suet, but had no success with that. I have lost count of the number of times I have been to North America, and I still have never seen a cardinal :)
      Cheers, and happy Fall to you. x

    2. When you are visiting your daughter...throw out a few peanuts...
      Perhaps you will be rewarded!

  5. A 41 degree day already - I hope that is not a taste of things to come. How did the garden survive? Usually plants do not like this sort of sudden sun as they have not acclimatised (like us).

    Well done on being brave enough to don a swimsuit - you will be able to join your grandchildren now, which will create happiness, I am sure :)

    1. Sarah, the garden is turning brown as I watch. Must go and water it (again!)
      Happiness will be swimming with the Boy on a Dolphin - soonish :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your father, Patricia! I love the flowers once again. That is a lovely suit. I'm a fan of the one piece also.

    1. Thank you Debra, I am sure Dad will have a great birthday. While I had my bikini days way back when, I agree a one piece is the flattering option!

  7. Hope you father has a wonderful birthday. I quite like your bathing suit and send you congratulations for taking the steps to find it. I'm sure it must have been the tiniest bit uncomfortable to go out and do that.

    I really do like that painting of the saltpan.


    1. Thank you Darla, I hope Dad likes the cake I am planning.
      Yes, it was a bit uncomfortable finding the suit, especially when the young sales girl had no idea what I was talking about (and I had to explain). I think she thought I meant I had implants.
      Isn't that the best painting?

  8. Happy Birthday to Dad! I'm loving that suit, especially the way the colours blend into the different shades, just my type of thing! xx

    1. Hi Suzy, The suit looks a lot like the sea with the blends of blue and the pattern. I think it will have a nice life here xx

  9. Love the swimsuit Patricia, have fun wearing it. 41 degrees wow that's hot and can't even begin to imagine it as its turned quite wintry here in the UK today. Happy birthday to you Dad. P x

    1. Thanks P, looking forward to getting in the pool with the dolphin boy. Thankfully 41 deg was only one day, next day more respectable 37. Hoping for much less today. Thinking of wintry weather - that would be nice! x

  10. Love hearing about 'crashing through a barrier'. Keep on at it!

  11. Happy Birthday to your dear Dad, Patricia - wow, 94! I like your bathing suit, and haven't bought one for myself in years. It's so great that you are a survivor of this. I hope you're bundling up with the storms in your area. We are in full Autumn here, and the weather is getting cooler every day. Your purple flowers are so pretty.

    Happy Halloween, Patricia. Have a fun Friday.


    1. Happy Halloween, Sheri.
      Spring over here, but I love the colours of Autumn. Only had one storm, and now it is hot, hot, hot! xx

  12. I like your swimsuit, Patricia, and admire you for going to the shop for it. I bought my mastectomy swimsuit online from a specialist firm, and a special lightweight prosthesis to go with it, and they've had plenty of use over the years. You'll have such fun with Little Aussie in the pool. :)

    I remember Gough Whitlam, probably the first Australian prime Minister I was really aware of.

    1. I'm such a Luddite, I never thought of looking online for a swimsuit! Lightweight sounds good...have to check that out too.
      So far I have not ventured into the pool, but with 40 deg predicted for this weekend, I think the time has come. We'll be here lying low while the G20 takes place in town.