Monday, February 27, 2012

That's What Women Do

Yay for Meryl, who won her third Oscar for her fantastic portrayal of Margaret Thatcher
in The Iron Lady.
And I loved her triumphal Gold for Oscar dress!

I watched the Red Carpet this morning while I did the housework at the same time.  Because women multi-task, do we not?

I loved this dress on Octavia Spencer -
beautifully draped to flatter the curves.
She was so sassy in The Help..

This dress was the most beautiful shade of blue -
A photo of the TV screen does not do it justice, but it got the thumbs up here.

Of course, I played my own version of Best Dressed ..
My winner has to be this stunner worn by George Clooney's girlfriend
Stacey.  Simply Gorgeous.

To recover from all the excitement I hit the shops this afternoon.
In the best spirit of Frugal February (Faux Fuchsia 2012), I bought these earrings from Forever New -
Heavily Reduced from $20 to $4.75!  Bargain!

Continuing my celebration of Charles Dickins' 200th Birthday:

On my reading list for the year, and only $20 for the two!
Another Bargain!

Then, because the Cardinals are starting a Get Healthy for Lent regime:

A new Juicing machine - more like a Good Health Bargain.

Off to do my Juicing now.  Have a good week ..


  1. I'm watching the delayed telecast as I type Patricia. I did see some frocks on the net today and must say I loved Glenn Close's dress. Rather classy in my opinion and the colour was unusual.
    Enjoy wearing those earrings and have fun juicing. Unfortunately our juicer is rarely used, we are a tad lazy and don't haul it out as often as we should!

  2. I checked out Glenn Close after your comment, and it is indeed a classy and elegant outfit. Perfect for the mature star!
    Hoping we don't become lazy re the juicing, but it has happened in the past ... the last juicer was retired several years ago, and it took a while to get back into the mode.