Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Happy February!
Month 2 of my Canadian Maud Lewis calendar which follows the Canadian seasons.
Snow continues to fall, trees remain bare, and deer look forward to Spring.
The petite garcon is getting lots of wear from his snow suit lately.
He is really into shovelling snow now, koala hat on head!

I finished the dress today. 
This fabric seems rather Pucci-esque to me;
I think it reminds me of my youth 150 years ago, when Pucci was the rage.

I see Michelle has been spotted out and about in my favourite electric blue:

Every time I go past the fabric store,
I pop in and look at the cobalt blue linen.
My problem is I can't decide:  a shift dress, or a jacket?
Jacket or dress?
If I don't hurry up the fabric will all be sold.

This bright orange scarf looks attractive.
I think I'll be giving my orange pashmina another workout in winter 2012,
orange being my second favourite colour and all.

Weird little white spiders live in our pink roses!
It's a jungle out there ...


  1. I adore that dress - the fabric is amazing! I think it should be worn by Anne Bancroft, swanning around beside your pool holding a massive cocktail! Such a lot of great colours and a simple, elegant shape - just beautiful!

    Might I suggest shift dress AND jacket? And the orange pashmina would look wonderful with both! Keep up your excellent sewing - you're on a roll! xxx

    1. Why thank you Mrs E! I like your vision, and will organise cocktails by the pool any day now!
      You are right - I should do dress plus jacket; no more dithering about it! xx

  2. Of course you must create both dress and jacket Patricia and therefore have the best of both worlds.
    Love love love the pucci-esque frock. Imagine the different colour combinations re accessories...the sky's the limit.

    1. Annie, you always make me smile!
      Glad you like the frock - I'll have fun with my hot pink bag, or RPE FF Leo necklace. And that is just Day 1.
      Two votes for dress plus jacket. OK, off to the fabric barn for me.