Monday, February 13, 2012


The crow family have raised their chicks,
which are now flying with their parents
in our garden and around the valley below.
The other day Mr Cardinal watched mother crow fly in with a piece of bread,
take it to our bird bath, toss it over and back to make it wet,
eat a bit, then fly to the nest to give it to the children.

Over the weekend a wild turkey chick appeared in our garden, and has not left since.
There are no parents to be seen, nor any other chicks.
It is making itself at home, scratching around and eating whatever it is they like.

Because it is a baby, it is of course sweetly appealing.
But I have a question, Dear Readers:
As this is Day 3, do you think it has chosen to spend its formative life
living at the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect,
and if so will it build enormous mounds and become a Right Royal Nuisance to us?

I have been a'hankering for the Match My Missoni necklace
from Red Phoenix Emporium for ages now...
Finally my resistance wore down and the precious beads arrived today!
Thank you Lotus and Willow: your jewellery is gorgeous!!

Think of the fun I'll have playing Match My Outfit with this one!

Aren't the storms wild at the moment?
We drove through hail yesterday ...

Have a colourful week!


  1. Love those wild Turkeys - are they really pests? They look so cute! Mummy crow is doing a good job - I bet baby crows eat LOTS!

    Love, love, love your necklace so much - those girls are so clever. You will have loads of fun styling it up! xxx

    1. Mrs Exeter, it is a jungle out there in our garden! Not only hungry baby crows, but baby lorikeets as well all being fed by wonderful feathered mothers.
      Are you having snow in your area? xx

  2. The RPE necklace is gorgeous and good for you I say, have fun wearing it Patricia. The beautiful colours should mix with many outfits.
    Oh dear regarding the turkey. I don't know if the baby will make his home in the garden of neglect permanently but for your sakes I hope not! Last weekend we laid rocks around the front garden entrance instead of pebbles/mulch because quite frankly we had to fight fire with fire with our recalcitrant turkey boarder!

  3. Hi Annie, Yes, thanks to the yummy necklace, Frugal February has not happened around here!
    I think we may have been saved from baby turkey, when the house behind us did a big garden clean and tidy yesterday. Lots of lovely grubs and insects to be had, no doubt, and baby has not been seen here since.
    So, it can get to that hmmm? laying rocks instead of mulch? Perhaps he is not so cute after all.