Monday, February 6, 2012


Happy Diamond Jubilee to Her Majesty the Queen.
Here she is on her Coronation Day -
it probably seems just like yesterday to her.

And here she is in an official Diamond Jubilee Portrait,
cleverly positioned beside the Buckingham Palace window to show the Victoria monument in the Mall outside.
At 85 years of age, she still knows how to rock an elegant and glittering formal outfit,
worn here with the same necklace Queen Victoria wore in her Diamond Jubilee portrait photo.

Here at the Red Cardinal nest we decided to join in the celebration
with a traditional British roast beef and veg:

followed by Golden Syrup Puddings ..

A few English roses were added to the theme.

Meanwhile, Our Princess Mary celebrated her 40th at the weekend:

Wearing her magnificent set of rubies, for an official portrait.
As always, there is an elephant hanging from her blue sash.
What is it with the elephants in Denmark?

Happy Birthday, Mary!

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