Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Pancake Tuesday today, so I got into the spirit with these
Blueberry babies - for Mr Cardinal's dessert after dinner, naturally.

It seemed only sensible to make banana pancakes, too!

And because Coles finally have figs at a sensible price:

The Fig version!

It is possible that this one was about to be consumed immediately after the photo was taken, however rumours that I was seen trying one of each fruity flavour this afternoon, are Greatly Exaggerated!  As if ....

Pancake day means Easter is on its way:

I found these Easter Bunny finger puppets for the two grandsons,
Little Aussie and Petite Garcon (I don't think they look at the blog, being 2-year-olds, although you never know the extent of the computer literacy of today's toddlers).
The little yellow china guy is for us - just because it's sweet.
Bed, Bath and Table is the place to go,
for lots of Easter whimsies at Very Low Prices.

The yellow rose is back in business - last night's storm brought out lots of blooms this morning!

The loose crinkle linen jacket is finished -
droops a bit on the model, but looks quite good over a cami with jeans or black pants.  I re-shaped the front pieces to remove a lot of fullness and am quite pleased with the result.

Did you have pancakes today?

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