Thursday, February 23, 2012


What a stunning sky we had tonight, after a day of dull and drizzle!

Brisbane is a beautiful sub-tropical city ..
My home away from home, The Art Gallery!

Even the art is showing up in the vivid electric blue we are seeing out and about these days.

See the Old Treasury building, now the Casino, mid-left just above the trees?
Mr Cardinal and I met there, back in the days when it housed the Public Service,
and we were just two of the thousands of young minions of the Crown,
 slaving in Dickensian conditions before computers arrived and
Changed The World Forever!

Speaking of which, we are off to see Miriam Margolyes in Dickens' Women soon.  Goody.

Cute pelicans outside the Gallery ..

Living art - this water dragon is trying to get into the Cafe,

and the local ibis have no manners at all. 
Get off the table, you vulgar bird!


  1. How fabulous to be attending Miriam M's show, I just think she is the ants pants.
    Are you feeling a tad waterlogged too Patricia?

  2. Yes, we are waterlogged here too, and the creek is up and over the walking path.

    Just found your new blog style - Wow!! It looks brilliant, but then it always did! Look forward to lots more lovely photos.