Sunday, February 5, 2012


We've had a few dramas this week,
so in the spirit of the blog I am focussing on the sunshiny colour YELLOW!

Yellow, the colour many women, including my mother, disliked wearing ..

Her daughter, on the other hand, needs a yellow bag in every size,
and a string of vintage beads as well.

Mr Cardinal's mother owned this sweet trio of jugs.
They are very old and the middle one is crazed, but who could throw it away and break up the set?

I bought this sheer black and yellow fabric some time ago.
The time seems right to make up a cool floaty shirt from
Butterick 5611...
starting today.

French Fashion Designers paper dolls 1900-1950 by Tom Tierney
I love these old fashions from the 1920s -
on left by the Boue Sisters, an Afternoon lingerie gown
(!? .. for receiving special visitors?)
and on right, by Sonia Delaunay, 1926, an abstract-pattern coat,
rich with touches of yellow.
Sonia was a gorgeous artist from Russia,
working in Paris in the early 20th century and influenced by Cubism.
She painted, designed fashion and textiles, stage sets, graphics, in a vibrant geometric abstract style.

I hope your weekend was sunshiny and Mellow yellow!


  1. Oh dear is it the week for dramas? Same here but this cheery post has been uplifting as are all your posts Patricia.
    Yellow is not a colour I wear but I like it on other folk. The floral plate looks a very similar pattern to a tea set my mother owned but alas there are no pieces remaining.
    Please show us the finished floaty shirt, Nosy aren't I!
    Visited the Matisse exhibition today and Wow isn't it brilliant. I did not realise he was so prolific. Some further research into his life will make for interesting reading.
    Hope your week improves

  2. Thanks Annie, so the dramas are going around?
    As it happens, the floaty shirt remains un-cut-out, but maybe tomorrow!
    Glad you enjoyed Matisse today.. it is brilliant, yes! I so much love the drawing room at the end, too, which reflects so many of his paintings. Maybe I should do a post about him some time. Seems he was a bit like Picasso and was always Drawing the Muse..