Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello to all the pretty lorikeets who decided to take
food and shelter today at the
Red Cardinal Centre for Free-Spirited Birdie Pets.   
I think they are over the ongoing drizzling rain too!

Everyone knows I love a bird motif,
so it is no surprise that I grabbed these heavily reduced items
 at the Bed, Bath and Table sale.
Melamine picnic wear, for the day when the sun returns.
Aren't they gorgeous?

Check out these cute little teaspoons-
Christmas pressie from the children,
who know what Mum loves: pretty, pink, tea, flowers ....

This was part of our Annual Agapanthus display, in late November.

Yesterday I dead-headed about 50 of these old soldiers.
Thank you and well done; off and have your 10 month rest now!

I am getting back into the sewing these days.
Hope to have another dress to show this week...


  1. Those birds are just wonderful - I've never seen anything so exotic. Are they noisy? I bet they make a wonderful sight when they all take off.

    Some very good cushioning there - FF would be proud! - and I can't wait to see your dress! xxx

    1. Ah, Mrs. E, the birds thank you for calling them exotic, and are preening vainly as we speak! Yes, they are noisy - the word cacophony springs to mind. They are also funny, they dance about squabble among themselves, are quite tame and let us come very close to feed them. They travel in pairs and act like love birds at times, which is very endearing.
      PS Glad you like the cushioning!

  2. Fabulous pic of the lorikeets Patricia, the bunch which fly through our yard only rest to drink quickly at the bird bath before scooting off. Must be the hyperactive variety in my neck of the woods!
    Love the blue and white ginger jars and I'm with Mrs E..please show us your dress when it's completed.

    1. Hi Annie, I wonder if we are sharing the same lorikeets? Drinks over there, seed over here!

      Promise I'll show the dress - hopefully finish tomorrow...