Friday, December 16, 2011


My Christmas decorative pot-holders are up in the kitchen ..

The inspirational Santa Rolling Pin hangs above the scene:

Yes, it is time to think about the Annual General Christmas Cooking Marathon.
Well, actually it is long past the thinking time, but I don't like to rush.

I have made that unique Australian favourite, White Christmas .. er ..
Black and White Christmas, with chocolate on top. 
My daughter has tried in vain in England, the US and Canada,
to find Copha or an exact substitute, basis of this delicacy.
I think she has given up and moved on to Mars Bar slice. 

I donned the old traditional Red Cardial Christmas apron for the purpose.
It can expect quite a workout in the next week or so.

 I'll make gingerbread cookies in Christmas shapes soon ...

I love a letterbox full of Christmas cards, don't you?
They say email greetings are the way of the future,
but to me, nothing is quite as festive as a hand-written card,
chosen just for you. 
Another bunch arrived today - goody!

Don't miss Matisse: Drawing Life -
an amazing exhibition on now at GoMA.
It's huge, over 300 works, and when you have your fill of that,
it ends with a wonderful Drawing Room, set with statues, vases, flowers,
bric a brac, interesting furniture, and sometimes live models,
reminiscent of the subjects in Matisse's art,
where the public can sit and sketch.
Brilliant idea, GoMA!

I bought this book and cards.  The one lower right shows Matisse's
sketches for the ceiling he painted in the Barnes Collection in Philadelphia,
which are included in the exhibition.
The Barnes ceiling is one of the most amazing and beautiful works of art
I have seen in the US.  I think it is the only one Matisse ever painted. 

Happy Christmas prep ..


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