Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I bought Christmas Crackers from a local El Cheapo store,
because I liked the colours.

However, I thought they needed a bit of extra sparkle.
I raided the sewing room and found a bit of glue, some lace, beads, flowers and sequins, and had a lovely crafty time:

Our eldest grandson, Little Aussie, is here for Christmas!
Oh, the joy and delight for us oldies ..

Our vacuum cleaner has become a Big Red Car -
Somehow I am not so sure I would have tolerated this from my children,
but when it is a grandchild, it is Extremely Cute!

He also plays piano, and sang me a Snow Man Song of his own creation...
The child is a genius, of course!

One day he might sing in a choir at Christmas like Grandma ...

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