Friday, December 23, 2011


I boiled a Christmas Pudding in a calico cloth:

I glazed a portion of ham leg with Faux Fuchsia's
fantastic marmalade, mustard, ginger ale recipe,
and studded it with cloves:

It is possible I used the wrong mustard.  Oh well, scrumptious anyway.

I made a Yule log:

Mr Cardinal gave me Christmas flowers:

On Christmas Eve we ate Shepherd's Pie,
a family tradition started years ago after a little joke made by our son
when he was about six, and learning the significance of shepherds at Christmas!

I sang carols with the choir at Christmas Eve Mass
and wore my angel brooch:

On Christmas morning, I received an exciting collection of
lovely gifts from
Mr Cardinal and our children:

My daughter sent this pretty necklace and earrings from Canada:

We began the day with a pink breakfast table:

So - is it the food, the gifts, the tinsel, lights and trees?

No, best of all, Christmas was about Family,
about counting our blessings, going to church,
 and gathering together with those we love.
The highlight was having four generations under our roof,
from my 91 year old father, who loved every gift and all the food,
to our 2 year old Little Aussie grandson,
who had the Best Time Ever, excitedly saying "I open, I open"
as each gift appeared. 
Soooo sweet.

What does Christmas mean to you?
I hope your day was special too!


  1. Merry Christmas Patricia and happy New Year Sandy xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the red Cardinal Christmas day Patricia and I am loving the loot you received.
    Little grandson is a real sweetie.
    My day was very relaxed with hubs & the children, perfect really, my heart sings when we are all together.

  3. Thanks Sandy, and best wishes to you too. I hope 2012 is the year I get me some Paint Me White furniture into the house.

    Hi Annie, I love the loot too, especially the Chanel lippie. Glad your heart was singing, too.