Sunday, December 18, 2011


Our friends the lorikeets come every morning,
enjoying a few sunflower seeds from our bird feeder. 
Their bright colours blend right in with the Christmas season.

My friend M. gave me this beautiful tea set for Christmas.
See: Lorikeet colours.
I love it a lot, and we'll give it quite a workout over the season.

This is my lifetime collection of cookie cutters.
From all around the world.
Festive gingerbread, coming soon.

Does anyone know the name of this yellow flower?
We have a couple of tough old shrubs which get covered in these brilliant yellow blooms.
The lorikeets become ecstatic with the excitement
of swilling the nectar they apparently contain.
Some people don't like the lorikeets' noise,
but I think they are really cute and funny.

Last night I sang carols with my
Choir for Ladies of a Certain Age.
We visited this historic church located in a hollow
directly beside our biggest sports stadium here in Brisbane,
and thankfully preserved during the construction.
The church was beautiful, and the singing exhilarating -
you know it's Christmas when you sing the Angels songs... 

I wore my sparkly Angel brooch, recently found at Seers, Vancouver.
On Sale! Only $4.00

The agapanthus display continues, despite or perhaps due to total lack of fertiliser, thinning out, mulching,
or any other gardening action.  These really are the champions of the neglected garden. 

I  don't know the name of this climber, either,
but like its pink trumpet flowers.

My mother called this plant Billy Goat Weed,
and treated it with appropriate disdain.
These days I think it is called Vinca,
and provids cheerful colour with absolutely no effort.
Added bonus: it is Pretty in Pink!

Happy Christmas prep, ladies!


  1. The lorikeets are having a merry old time in our trees of late and we love sitting on the deck watching them swim in the birdbath.
    The pink trumpet climber looks familiar and I think it has a cousin with yellow flowers?
    Lovely post Patricia...packed full of goodies!

  2. Thanks Annie, I'd love to see lorikeets swimming!

    I saw your Christmas tree on FF - Very Stylish indeed. Love it.