Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Kate's Christmas hat was perky and perfect;
just the right note of Christmas cheer and traditional deep red.
After so many years of being Waity Katie,
she has developed such a Star Quality this year,
looking every inch the princess.

I love the hat, but also the coat.
Beautifully tailored, by an "Independent British Dressmaker"
according to the Palace spokesperson.
Here's cheers for Dressmakers - you don't often hear about them these days!
Whoever he/she is, fame will be just around the corner.

I enjoy the cool English climate, 
and the royals appear to enjoy their brisk walk in the chilly air.

On New Year's Day 2009, I took this photo of frost on the fallen leaves
and grass on the edge of St James Park, just outside Buckingham Palace.

It was certainly cold, but also beautiful.
We watched squirrels racing about, and I saw my first
robin red-breast... so cute and pretty.

A mad squirrel decided to climb Mr Cardinal's leg!

Much to the amusement of a Japanese tour group nearby,
who all took photos ...

The Ice Queen, in the window of Fortnam & Masons.
She was actually a bit spooky.

Red Cardinal snowmen, 
after Little Aussie had his way with their accessories.

I stepped on the bathroom scales this morning!
Suffice to say, there will be no more of this for me;
Mr Cardinal will have to deal with the leftovers himself.
(Mr Cardinal is rubbing hands with glee and looking for the custard 
as we speak).

Salad for lunch today, I think..


  1. Hats off to Mr Red Cardinal for standing still for a photo op while the squirrel frolicked on his trousers...I would have DIED!!

  2. lol, I would have died too! Hubby was just rigid with shock, I think!