Sunday, December 18, 2011


I love fresh greenery among the Christmas decorations -
this conifer is just the right blue/green colour to pretend
 it is part of a snow scene long ago and far away.

Kate wore black velvet last night:
She looked brilliant - look at that diamond and ruby necklace, too!
Note the frill across the bodice ...

Source: My Royals

As soon as I saw this pic, my mind flashed back to 1981,
and the excitement of Diana's first public outing after her engagement to Charles:

Source: Google Images

Her glamourous black, frilled, strapless dress caused a sensation!

A way for Kate honour her late mother-in-law?
Style adviser's idea?

Just wondering ..........

Our grandson Little Aussie will be here this week -
I wonder what he'll make of my gingerbread cookies?

Only five more sleeps!


  1. I thought back to that Emmanuel dress too as soon as I saw the always-elegant DoCs amazing frock last night. As I recall young Lady Diana caught a bit of flack for her choice - she was unmarried still and strapless black was deemed too sophisticated for her. How lovely she looked, though, before all the hair dye and tanning imho - such a beautiful girl.

    How lovely to have your grandson visiting - he is just going to Hoover up those cookies! xxx

  2. Bestest wishes Red Cardinals for a fab Christmas.
    How lovely to have your little grandson visit, I look forward to that experience one day.

  3. Ladies, it is great fun having the little boy here - he is on the go all day long!

    Mrs E - I remember the fuss over Diana's black dress; she played it rather safe after that for quite a long time.

    Annie, best wishes to you too for a lovely Family Christmas.