Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today was a special day in the Red Cardinal household.
We celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary!
Someone, way back when, decreed that the 40th is the Ruby Anniversary.
I was more than happy to go along with this suggestion ...

Mr Cardinal gave me a pair of antique ruby earrings:

I love them to bits - they are the first rubies I have ever owned.
I gave Mr Cardinal a pair of rose gold cuff links:

I think he likes them - he wore them out to dinner last night ..

Today we had a small gathering of friends who were at our wedding in 1971 -
we looked through the old wedding albums,
and wondered how on earth we all got older,
when we feel exactly the same inside:
Black hair and 70s whiskers have become grey,
long glamourous tresses have become short cropped do's,
waistlines have thickened ...
but we all enjoy each others company in just the same old way.

Our three wonderful children presented us with a bottle of wine made from grapes planted in 1971,
and a pair of ruby glass goblets.
Even the box was suitably ruby red.

I made lots of tiny port wine and strawberry jellies,
dropping a few frozen berries into each glass.

In the spirit of these tough economic times,
(and becuse I am perfectly capable of baking it myself)
I made our favourite orange cake.
I smothered it in butter cream,
and used Queen writing icing in bright red
to do a Very Rustic 40, and our names.
Not that there is anything wrong with rusticity.
Woolworths little red roses at $10 a bunch came in handy.

In case you are wondering, with all this rubiness,
No, I did not wear red.
I wore this light caftan, with sparkly sequins.
Accessorised with red sandals,
and Ruby Earrings.  Of course.

Have a good week.


  1. Congratulations Patricia on your 40th Wedding Anniversary, what a lovely milestone!

    I have popped over and joined you site on recommendation from Annie at Red Roses and Crystal.

    Feel free to pop over and take a peak at what I'm up to and join if you like

    Have a lovely day.

    x Jode

  2. Happy 40th Anniversary Patricia and Mr Red Cardinal!!
    Looks as though you enjoyed a beautiful celebration with beloved family and it should be.
    I adore absolutely everything in it's ruby glory, earrings, cake etc.
    May I ask where you purchased the gorgeous caftan?
    Oh and enjoy the award!

  3. Hi Jode and Annie,
    Thankyou for your good wishes - we had a great and exciting day.
    I will be over by the river, any minute now.
    The caftan? It came from my good friends at Marg K at Kenmore, our local village of choice.