Monday, December 5, 2011


I've been making these Greek Potatos, a recipe given to me
in Canada by the other Grandmama.
It is lemony with herbs and olive oil, and perfect on a cold day.
Which it is, today.
We had the first day of Summer last week,
after weeks of searing heat,
but today it has gone all bleak.  I find it quite a relief.

To help in consideration of Christmas menus,
I have hung the Christmas pot-holders round the kitchen.
We will have four generations at our table on Christmas day,
the bookends being my 91 year old Dad and our grandson, Little Aussie.
Come to think of it, these two guys will probably enjoy much the same foods.

Look what I found at Crazy Clarks:
Chocolate Tools.
Am thinking of starting a chocolate riot on Christmas morning.

And, back to the Tree Ornaments:
These beautiful Royal Albert Old Country Roses  musical instruments,
were given to me by one of my lovely sons and his wife.
They know how to gladden the heart of this mother.


It has started to rain, very lightly,
just Fairy Rain really.
The Garden of Neglect says thankyou.
Maybe the roses will start to bloom again for Christmas?


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