Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I always enjoy a good Antique Market, and can spend hours browsing for the interesting and unique.
In Alexandria we found this huge centre, full of bargain goodies.
Only the prospect of trying to get it on to the plane to come home restrained me from grabbing some of the big items.

I bought some old silver to play with.  Two silver trays for $25!!
I've been cleaning them on and off for two days.

The one I really love is rectangular and very heavy.
Still more cleaning needed, but it is looking Much Better already.

Found some art in my Sydney wanderings. 
At Bondi, a mosaic of Edwardian Bathing Belles,
cavorting in the surf.

And this statue of a surf lifesaver.  He reminded me of that classic statue from antiquity The Winged Victory of Samothrace:

Except that the"wings" are a little low!

In a Mexican restaurant, a large jar and a tiny Mexican...

Mexicans love a lot of skull art!

A trio of flying ducks - these were stick-on decals in a friend's place.
How cute are they?

and, after three days of merriment, the Cardinals flew home for a good rest!


  1. The silver trays are a great find Patricia. I do love me a bit of silver bling.
    As a child I spent many happy hours in Alexandria where my grandparents lived. It was working class back then with factories dotted about. I believe this area has changed somewhat!

  2. Hi Annie, I can't wait to go back to that antique centre. such much good loot and low prices. What fun that you knew Alexandria in its previous life. It seems to be in transition these days - lots of new apartments, but also many abandoned factories needing rescue.